Podcast – Overview of Singlewire Phone Report Tool for InformaCast

The Singlewire Phone Report Tool uses the IC PhoneGroupSourcePrimer files to generate a tab separated report of data and to locate phone IP addresses. The phones can then be queried directly for their XML data and have a report generated.

Learn more about this tool from Singlewire by listening to the podcast or transcript below.

The Singlewire Phone Report Tool is available to customers and registered partners of InformaCast. Click here to learn more and request a 30-day free trial of InformaCast.


Peter, can you talk about the Phone Reporter Tool, you know, what it is and why it was developed?

Glad to. The Phone Report Tool is really targeted to three audiences. One is internally here at Single Wire. Our support team is gonna use it. Network engineers and Cisco partners would use it while deploying in InformaCast and for the handover process. And Cisco phone administrators can use it for inventory tracking of their phones and assets on their own network.

The Phone Reporter Tool works by querying InformaCast to find all of the phones that InformaCast has pulled from this UCM cluster or clusters. And it could be run either in a quick report mode or a slower but more detailed report mode. So the value that each group gets from this is, here it's Singleware, our support team can give this to a customer and have them run it and get a very detailed report of how those phones are configured and very quickly see whether or not the InformaCast installation was done properly.

Likewise our partners who are out doing installations can use this tool to do the same and when they leave this could be part of the hand over documentation to document all of the phones in the organization for the customer.

As far as end customers using this for asset the management. A lot of times new phones get put out on the network and if you don't capture the information from that phone at that time there's no real easy way to pull the serial number, let's say, from the phone without walking to every phone or in querying every phone individually.

The Phone Report Tool can be run from a central location, and it will query all the phones and pull that information into a spreadsheet for the customer. Okay, this is something that runs outside of formacast it sounds like.

Yeah, it's a self contained executable. You can double click it and it's a menu driven tool. It's got two options. It's the quick report or the more detailed report. And it generates tab separated value reports that can be opened with Microsoft Excel.

Great. Do you...how often do you find people using this? Is it...I mean, a partner probably is using it very often when they're implementing. But what about an end user?

I...you know, it's up to the customer. If they want to do monthly reports to compare to make sure phones that are being deployed are dump sold properly. A network architect can make sure that their knock is doing, adding some of these changes properly by viewing this phone report and our support team uses it quite extensively to double check the settings for customers calling in for support.

Great, how did they install and get this running?

It's the great thing. It's a self contained executable, so there's no installation required. They download it off our website, double click the file and choose option one or option two.

Sounds easy enough. Thank you, Peter.

Thank you.



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