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Why Singlewire

Protect Your People and Assets

Singlewire’s InformaCast application is much more than just overhead paging: it transforms Cisco’s Unified Communications platform into a powerful, “any-to-any” mass notification and emergency communication system that allows you to connect simultaneously with thousands of IP phones, PoE IP speakers, desktop clients, analog paging systems, social media sites, email, and SMS text messaging systems, along with a growing list of other endpoint devices. Everyone has a need for mass notification. Singlewire is the industry leader at meeting this need worldwide.

Extend Your Communications Reach

Think of InformaCast as notification middleware on your network. When a system or device detects a problem, InformaCast can be triggered to immediately send a text and/or audio notification to a pre-configured group of people. Other systems can also be triggered and activated via the InformaCast API.

Reduce Costs and Save Time

Singlewire InformaCast can be deployed centrally via a physical or virtual server in a data center or remotely on the edge of your network in a branch office. Singlewire InformaCast leverages the investments you’ve already made in your network, phone system, and overhead paging system.

Decision Matrix



Other Vendors

Scales Beyond 10,000+ Endpoints
Easy to Deploy and Administer
Rock Solid Stability
(No need to restart system after a config change)
Plugin Architecture for Reaching New Endpoints
(With new plugin releases each quarter)
No Dependancy on Windows and SQL Servers (and licenses)
Deploy as a Virtual Machine (OVA)
Deployed by 5000+ Customers in 50+ Countries
Industry Leading Documentation with Online Tutorials and Techincal Podcasts
Industry Leading Support Team
(Available 24 x 7 Support for Critical Systems)
Highly Responsive and Knowledgeable Sales Team




Next Steps

Getting Started

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Process for Implementing InformaCast >

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