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Singlewire Academy Video OnDemand Training for InformaCast

Whether you are new to InformaCast or a seasoned veteran, the purpose of the Singlewire Academy is to help you leverage the features of InformaCast Advanced Notification in your organization. See what people are saying ... 

"One of the better webinars I've attended. More helpful and 
provides real world uses instead of just a general options webcast"

"Again you have made our investment even more valuable"

Each webinar is 30-45 minutes in length and is recorded for on-demand playback. The Singlewire Academy is a library of best-practices, tips and resources you can use right now and reference again and again in the future. 

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InformaCast Foundations
Building Groups, Creating Messages, and Sending Broadcasts
  • Creating Recipient Groups
  • Creating Messages
  • Naming Convention
  • Sending Broadcasts
  • DialCast Configuration
Video: 44:19
InformaCast Administration:
How to Optimize InformaCast Settings
  • Virtual Appliance Tasks
  • Modifying Default Admin Settings
  • Admin User Management & Security
  • Required Parameters for CallAware & LPI
Video: 43:04
Using the Bell Scheduler:
Scheduling InformaCast Broadcasts
  • Downloading Additional Tones
  • Configuring a Ring List
  • Setting Up Bell Schedules
  • Adding Exceptions
Video: 38:24
InformaCast Mobile:
How to Send and Receive InformaCast Broadcasts using iOS/Android App
  • Overview of InformaCast Mobile
  • Setup InformaCast Mobile for Mobile-to-Mobile
  • Integrate InformaCast Mobile to InformaCast
Video: 35:53
Panic Buttons:
How to Setup a Dedicated Panic Button
  • On a Cisco Phone, using IP Phone Service URL
  • On a Computer, using a URL shortcut mapped to keyboard key
  • Using a physical SIP-Enabled call button
Video: 43:02
How to Know When Someone Dials 911:
Call Alerting
  • Testing 911 Routing
  • Program Cisco Unified Communications Manager
  • Program InformaCast
  • Program  InformaCast / CallAware 
  • Cutover and Test
Video: 34:28
How to Know When Someone Dials 911:
Call Recording
  • Call Recording Process
  • Program Cisco Unified Communications Manager
  • Program InformaCast / CallAware
  • ​Accessing Call History
Video: 21:32
Automated Weather Alerts:
How to Send Automated Weather Notifications
  • Define Your Weather Alerting Policy
  • Gather CAP Geographic Data
  • Program InformaCast / Inbound CAP Plugin
  • Testing
Video: 38:25
Analog Paging with LPI:
How to Use InformaCast with an Existing Overhead Paging System
  • Overview of InformaCast LPI
  • Program Cisco Unified Communications Manager
  • Program InformaCast / LPI
  • Troubleshooting
Video: 23:53