Using the InformaCast Bell Scheduler for more than just School Bells

Schools worldwide use the Bell Scheduler feature in InformaCast to customize and schedule their school bells, but the Bell Scheduler is not just useful for school bells. Here are some examples of how organizations in other industries are using the InformaCast Bell Scheduler.

Scheduling Shift Changes: Our manufacturing clients use InformaCast to facilitate smoother shift changes in their organizations. With the Bell Scheduler users can customize the tones and volume level that they are played at. By adjusting the volume level of a message users can make sure the tone signaling a shift change is heard even in a noisy factory environment.

Scheduling Reminders: Do you have someone in charge of paying the rent for your facility once a month? Or perhaps you want to remind your employees to take their items out the fridge before it is cleaned at the end of each week. With the InformaCast Bell Scheduler users can schedule reminders to be sent out once or to reoccur throughout the year.

Since the Bell Scheduler uses the same web interface as the InformaCast application it can simply be added as another feature without additional equipment or installation.

With the Bell Scheduler, you can:

  • Change or update a schedule at any time
  • Maintain multiple schedules through the same web-interface
  • Upload multiple Wav files to customize your bell sounds
  • Set up exceptions (i.e. holidays, weekends, etc.)
  • Quickly switch to previously set up alternate schedules
  • Configure the Bell Scheduler to broadcast to Cisco IP Phones, IP Speakers, and PC desktops



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