Buyer's Guide

Duty of Care—What Is It and Why Does It Matter?

Understand what Duty of Care and why it matters for your organization in this blog post.

Calling vs. Broadcasting Phones for Mass Notification

Understand the advantages of using a cloud-based system to make emergency calls.

Selecting a Mass Notification System for Government Buildings

emergency notification for government buildings
Make sure your system can send text and audio messages to a variety of devices to ensure complete reach. Mass notification systems can be used for intruder alerts and lockdown, evacuation, severe weather and monitoring and recording 911 calls.

Is Your Organization Prepared for Severe Weather?

A detailed look at how to create automated weather notifications in InformaCast, using a direct feed from NOAA, the national weather service.

How Do Healthcare Professionals Use InformaCast?

how healthcare professionals use their emergency notification system
An infographic summarizes how our customers use InformaCast for emergency notification, weather alerts, panic buttons and more.

Cheat Sheet: Emergency Notification Systems

Campus Safety magazine recently released an emergency notification cheat sheet that lists the strengths and weaknesses of the most commonly used emergency alert systems on the market.

Save Time and Money: Modernizing Your School Bell System

Modernizing your school bell system is an excellent way to do more with less.