Customer Stories

Case Study: InformaCast Keeps Commuter Campus Safe and Informed

Northcentral Technical College protects and informs its commuter student population with InformaCast.

Case Study: InformaCast Enables Facility-Wide Emergency Alerts for NB Coatings

Manufacturing company NB Coatings uses InformaCast to send emergency notifications throughout its campus.

Power Plant Dispatches First Responders Swiftly with InformaCast

Critical Mass Emergency Notification System
The facility was able to utilize InformaCast, its emergency notification system, to help the distressed employee.

K-12 District Improves Reach of Critical Messages with InformaCast

Critical School Bell Notification System
Using Advanced Network Devices IP speakers throughout the building to provide clear audio and scrolling announcements. With the help of InformaCast, he and his team have been able to drastically improve how they schedule bells, configure zones and send messages.

Healthcare Facility Simplifies Paging with InformaCast

simplify paging relay in healthcare
Aspirus in northern Wisconsin deploys InformaCast across its facilities to standardize paging procedures. This has led to faster response times since staff only need to press a button on their Cisco phones to initiate a message.

Wahsega Labs' InformaCast-Enabled Speakers Aid Tampa Bay Schools

Wahsega mass communication speakers in K12 schools
Over the summer, schools in Tampa Bay reassessed their speaker and zone controller needs and installed Wahsega Labs’ Two-Classroom 2x2 Ceiling Speaker. These cost-effective speakers integrate with InformaCast to provide a secure learning environment.

Newburgh, NY Utilizes InformaCast to Prevent and Reduce Crime

Newburgh, NY government emergency notification
With the Cisco UC system deployed, Newburgh’s IT team will now add Singlewire Software’s InformaCast IP paging and emergency notification features.

Manufacturers Share InformaCast Best Practices for Facilities

manufacturing safety notification with 911 alerting and weather alerts
Our most recent user’s group meeting featured two manufacturing customers sharing the successes they’ve experienced implementing InformaCast for mass notification in their facilities, including best practices for 911 alerting and weather notification.

InformaCast Users Share Best Practices for Higher Education

Best practices for mass notification in higher education
Three longstanding higher education customers recently shared their expertise to outline best practices and innovative solutions for using InformaCast to mass notify a campus population.

Sunnyside School District Uses InformaCast for Lockdown

school district emergency notification lockdown procedures
“I hope to god we never have to do it (implement active shooter procedures)."