10 Tips to Enhance Higher Education Communication and Connectivity [Infographic]

Our latest info-graphic outlines how to enhance communication and connectivity throughout a university or college campus.

8 Tips to Enhance Communication and Connectivity in Healthcare [INFOGRAPHIC]

Call Recording Alert & IT Alerting Software
Our latest infographic provides eight tips for connecting systems and tools to enhance communication in your healthcare facilities.

7 Tips to Enhance K-12 Communication and Connectivity [INFOGRAPHIC]

Emergency School Bell Text Alert System
Our latest infographic offers seven tips for connecting systems and tools to enhance communication in your K-12 school.

Severe Weather Emergency Alerts: 3 Important Questions to Ask

Prepare your organization for severe weather emergencies
When a tornado warning is issued, you have an average of 13 minutes before the tornado hits. Every second counts; so does your emergency notification system.

INFOGRAPHIC: Leverage InformaCast for Improved School Communications

K-12 infographic on improved school communication using alert software
InformaCast helps you address the challenges of running a school with minimal disruption, making for easier days, safer students, and increased peace-of-mind.

Infographic: Uses of InformaCast in Higher Education

emergency notification for higher education infographic
We surveyed our higher education customers regarding how they use InformaCast for emergency notification and other use cases.

How Do Healthcare Professionals Use InformaCast?

how healthcare professionals use their emergency notification system
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