InformaCast Ecosystem

Emergency Notifications Become Integral Part of IoT

emergency notifications and internet of things
A recent article from noted that there are currently 6.4 billion connected things in use worldwide. The outlet spoke with Pat Scheckel, VP of Business Development at Singlewire to discuss the impact this increasing connectivity has on emergency notifications.

IP Paging vs Analog Paging

How do you choose between IP paging and analog paging? Singlewire Software explains the differences.

How the InformaCast M2M Plugin Can Help Any Facility

How InformaCast connects to various physical systems, including fire alarms, strobes, and sirens, to provide better visual notification.

Singlewire Paging Gateway for deploying InformaCast Across a WAN

With the Singlewire Paging Gateway™ you can send audio across the WAN without needing to route multicast across the WAN.

IP Speakers: How to Set the Volume

Setting the volume of an InformaCast-compatible IP speaker is easily done from the InformaCast web interface.