Weather Notification

Preparing for Severe Weather with Emergency Notification Systems

Check out these tips for using an emergency notification system to help with preparing for severe weather.

Volcano Safety and Emergency Notification Systems

Learn how to use an emergency notification system to monitor for and respond to volcanic activity to help keep people safe and informed.

Natural Disaster and Severe Weather eBook Now Available

Download our free our free eBook to learn strategies for leveraging emergency notification systems for natural disaster events and severe weather.

NEWS: Singlewire Software Releases InformaCast Fusion Update that Expands Inbound Notification Triggers

Inbound triggers for InformaCast Fusion now include email, RSS and CAP.

3 Tips for Staff Communications About Natural Disasters

Check out these three tips for communicating with staff when natural disasters strike.

Demand Grows for Emergency Mass Notification Systems

Campus Safety Magazine reports on why mass notification system demand is on the rise.

7 Emergency Notification Message Templates Every Organization Needs to Have

Use these message templates to prepare for seven common emergency scenarios.

Leveraging Your Emergency Notification System for Wildfire Threats

natural disaster emergency notification system
Learn how to leverage your emergency notification system to alert people about wildfires.

New NWS Winter Weather Warning and Other Preparedness Tips

The National Weather Service is issuing new winter weather warnings this year.

Prepare for Earthquakes During the Great ShakeOut Oct. 19

On Oct. 19, organizations around the world will participate in the Great ShakeOut, a earthquake preparedness drill.