Singlewire Software Releases E-Book for Year-Round Safety Planning at ISTE

Check out Singlewire's latest e-book which is being released at this year's ISTE conference.

Social Media Can Help and Harm During Emergencies

Emergency Outdoor Mass Notification System
The Washington Post reported about misinformation spread through social media and traditional news outlets.

Clear Communication Means Contacting People on the Right Channel

Text Alert System & Call Recording Software
To learn more about how to send communications across multiple channels to benefit safety, download our white paper.

Testing Emergency Communication Tools Ensures Effectiveness

test emergency communication tools
Creating a testing plan that works in conjunction with emergency communication strategies helps build familiarity throughout organizations. This can assist in avoiding costly mistakes.

Get the Most Out of Emergency Communication Tools

Crisis Communication & Text Alert System
When developing an emergency communication plan, it’s important to look at what has worked, and what hasn’t, at other organizations.

WHITE PAPER: Clear Communication During a Crisis

Crisis Communication & Notification System
In this white paper, we examine recent events that have been impacted by misinformation. From terrorist attacks, to school shootings and severe weather, efforts to keep people informed have been hindered by technical and user errors.

Preparing Your Business for Active Shooter Scenarios

prepare emergency notification for active shooter scenarios
A recent white paper from Neckerman Insurance Services outlines best practices businesses should take to prepare for an active shooter scenario, including how to develop an emergency action plan (EAP).