Secure School Building Access and Emergency Notification

securing school building access and emergency notification

This post is the first in a three-part series highlighting how Cisco phones and InformaCast work together to improve school safety. Look for parts two and three in the coming weeks. 

Leverage Video in Real-Time

Security is top of mind for K-12 schools, and Cisco phones with InformaCast help provide added real-time security benefits to existing solutions. InformaCast helps translate data from devices like intercoms into easy-to-read messages on Cisco desk phones and can connect to other security tools such as surveillance cameras.

As Kevin Holcomb, Technical Marketing Engineer for Cisco, discusses in this video filmed during Cisco Live 2016, Cisco and InformaCast work together to protect school entryways from unwanted visitors.




Many schools keep all of the doors locked during the school day, and direct visitors toward a single entry. However, some schools only have a doorbell or a setup that requires a staff member to approach the door and assess the visitor requesting access.

Cisco phones with InformaCast can tie into intercoms that have built-in cameras. When a visitor approaches the intercom, they can press a button to request entry. Staff inside the building will receive a notification on their mobile devices and on their Cisco desk phone. When the staff member answers the call from the intercom they will see the video feed from the door intercom and can ask why they want to enter the building. They can then unlock the door from their Cisco desk phone or deny entry.

If they deny entry, a message is sent to speakers and displays to alert personnel that someone has not been granted access. Security displays will then automatically receive the video feed. This is important because, as Holcomb explains, visitors who are denied entry with either leave the premises or try and find another way into the building. This provides security officers with real-time tools to make informed decisions, instead of simply reviewing footage after the incident occurs.

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Cisco Phones and InformaCast

Cisco and InformaCast make it easy for your devices to communicate with each other and send critical information. Notifications and videos can be automatically archived in a designated email address for future reference and simple record keeping.  

Through InformaCast, users can set up their Cisco phones to display messages and one-touch buttons to display message information and remotely lock and unlock doors. As the new school year begins, make sure your school is maximizing the potential of its Cisco phones to provide a safe learning environment for students, faculty and staff.

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