Discover Emergency Notification Solutions at CLUS and Soar Above the Strip


Strike a Superheroic Pose and Win

The theme of this year’s Cisco Live event is all about discovering your inner IT superhero. We’re fully embracing that theme and bringing along a friend to help. Stop by our booth 720 during the show and learn about our latest emergency notification solutions. While you’re there, snap a selfie with our Caped Crusader cutout and share it on Twitter. Just include our handle (@singlewire) and the conference hashtag (#CLUS) with your photo, and you’ll be automatically entered into our daily giveaway: a free helicopter ride above the Las Vegas Strip for you and a friend. Winners will be announced each morning before the “World of Solutions” opens.

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Take Webex Messaging to the Next Level

At Cisco Live, Singlewire Software will release its latest integration with Webex Messaging. Tying the two tools together results in the Webex Messaging Incident Response Space. It will bring together your organization’s key stakeholders in Webex Messaging to manage any ongoing crisis you may encounter, including active shooters and severe weather. Managing the situation in Webex Messaging also provides a record to reference when reviewing how the situation was managed. Users will also be able to trigger InformaCast emergency notification broadcasts from inside Webex Messaging using specific commands.




Seize the Power of Fusion

Singlewire will also be showcasing its latest emergency notification solution, InformaCast Fusion. This new offering combines the power of InformaCast Advanced and InformaCast Mobile to link all on-premises and mobile devices within an organization through a single interface. Connecting to on-premises devices, like Cisco IP phones and mobile devices, helps ensure your organization reaches everyone with critical information when an emergency occurs. Messages can be pre-built to facilitate quick sending. They can be sent in various formats, including live, ad hoc, or pre-recorded audio, as well as push notifications, email, SMS text, and desktop notifications.

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Easy Distribution with Command Center

InformaCast Fusion customers also have access to InformaCast Command Center. This new feature serves as an easy-to-use hub for quick message distribution. Users set up icons to represent different potential scenarios. This launches a series of easy-to-answer questions to provide additional information. Questions may include what part of a campus the emergency is taking place at, what building, and even what floor or room. Groups are preloaded, but the person sending the message will have the option to exclude groups if they only want to reach certain people. This makes it simple for anyone to send a detailed message to a large group of people.

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Find all these emergency notification innovations and more during Cisco Live! And don’t forget to take a superhero selfie at booth 720 for your chance to fly above the strip.




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