Singlewire Offers Free Applications for Cisco IP Phones

The free applications from Singlewire provide real-time information and resources for users of Cisco IP phones.

We have officially launched our new phone applications page that provides free services to anyone with a Cisco IP phone. These applications offer helpful answers to commonly asked questions such as currency conversion, local weather, world clock-local time.

It is easy to implement and use these applications. Users of Cisco IP phones can access them by simply pushing the Applications or Services button on their phone and choosing from a list of configured services. The phone keypad is used to enter specific request information like a ZIP code for current weather, or an area code to display the name of a city.

The list of current applications offered includes: local weather information, a stock ticker, area code look-up, a world clock, and a currency converter. Additional applications will be introduced in the future.

Phone administrators need to simply create a phone service with the provided URL and assign the service to their organization’s phones. Administration should be done by individuals familiar with configuring Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) or Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express (CME).

Instructions can be downloaded from the Singlewire website, and are offered on good faith to anyone who is interested in using them. There is no technical support offered for the free applications.

We invite you to stop by and learn more about these applications. Download the pdf to get started.



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