4 Genius Ways Schools are Using InformaCast

4 ways K-12 schools use emergency notification

Lock Doors, Save Water, and Get Your Students to Class On-Time

Do your schools struggle with scheduling the bells? Is it difficult to send an announcement to the overhead paging system? Do you have to go to the office to make an announcement?

We often find that school districts come to us when there's a major project in their future, like a major school renovation, an upgrade to the network, or a phone system that needs replacement. The conversation starts with the needed requirements but quickly expands to cover all the other features built into InformaCast.

Beyond typical uses of emergency notificationoverhead paging and serving as the school bell system, districts are tapping into InformaCast's API and open architecture to integrate with a growing list of existing systems within their buildings. We've pulled together four of these innovative uses from our customers.

4 Genius Ways Schools Are Using InformaCast

  1. School Lockdowns - Integration of InformaCast with the electronic door locking system within the school. If there's an event, staff can trigger InformaCast from their phones to lock and secure the entire building.
  2. Saving Money by Saving Water - Using an InformaCast M2M plugin, one district was able to tie its urinal flushing system into the bell scheduling feature of InformaCast. During the school day, urinals flush regularly, but at night and during vacation, InformaCast prevents them from flushing and wasting water.
  3. Getting Students to Class on Time with Music - Instead of bell tones, administrators use InformaCast to play a four-minute song during passing periods between classes. When the song is over, students know they need to be in class.
  4. Classroom Call-For-Help Button - If any staff or office staff needs help, they can push a button on their phone to request help. A team of staff members are notified and can respond immediately.

See InformaCast in action.

Watch the video case study below to see how Middleton-Cross Plains Area School District uses InformaCast for emergency notification and more.





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