ALICE and Singlewire Software Partner for Safety Webinar


Develop Proactive Responses

On Thursday, July 20, Singlewire software will host a webinar with ALICE Training Institute to walk through best practices when preparing staff for an active shooter event. ALICE promotes proactive strategies to improve the chances of survival during an active shooter event. The institute has worked with hundreds of thousands of individuals in police, K-12 schools, healthcare, higher education, business, government and houses of worship to empower their people using ALICE Training.

As ALICE states on its website, the threat of an active shooter attack is rare but very real. It aims to eradicate the “It can’t happen to me” mentality and change the way people everywhere respond to armed intruders. At the ALICE Training Institute, they believe individuals should be prepared for active shooter events and empowered to make their own life-saving decisions. Once empowered, individuals must understand the options for proactive active shooter through training, rather than a passive, mandated, one-size-fits-all response.

The webinar was presented by Bob Kraft, vice president of strategic alliance for the ALICE Training Institute.

Emergency Notification and Active Shooters

As part of the webinar, Singlewire Software will explain how emergency notification tools can assist during active shooter events. Singlewire’s InformaCast Fusion mass notification software can tie together an organization’s mobile and on-premises devices in a single interface that can then be used to manage message distribution for critical situations.

InformaCast is used by organizations all over the world to reach large groups of people quickly when a crisis occurs. From active shooters to severe weather, users can prebuild messages with detailed information that can help keep people safe and informed during an emergency.

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What You’ll Learn

The goal of the webinar is to demonstrate the benefits preparation for active shooter events can have for an organization. Conducting drills and providing instruction helps save time and minimize guess work when a crisis occurs. This webinar will outline actionable steps to implement so everyone within an organization knows what to do should they encounter an active shooter. It will also provide strategies that can be used to tie together existing procedures and tools to form a more cohesive emergency plan for active shooters.

Two Methods of Many

The ALICE training and emergency notification tools from Singlewire Software are just two methods organizations can use to prepare for active shooter scenarios. Access these Active Shooter Resources from the Department of Homeland Security. Keep in mind organizations should conduct extensive research to find the right training and tools.




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