CASE STUDY: InformaCast and AtlasIED Enhance High School Student Safety


Prioritizing Student Safety

At Christopher Columbus High School (CCHS) in Miami, keeping students safe is a top priority. That’s why the high school leverages InformaCast mass notification software and AtlasIED IPX endpoints to share critical information and streamline communications. With InformaCast connected to 120 IPX endpoints and 20 horns, the school is able to provide full coverage inside and outside its buildings for emergency messages, regular announcements and school bells.

“Having the right tools creates a better learning environment for the students, a better teaching environment for the teachers and a better safety environment for the administration,” said Alex Seage, Senior Director of Technology and Innovation at CCHS.

Watch the case study below, provided by AtlasIED, to see how Christopher Columbus High School uses InformaCast and AtlasIED IPX endpoints to enhance student safety.

InformaCast and AtlasIED

AtlasIED offers InformaCast mass notification software with its IPX series of products. InformaCast complements the IPX platform of IP endpoints by delivering audio and visual alerts to on-premises and mobile devices. This greatly expands a school’s ability to reach everyone during a critical situation. IPX and InformaCast integrate seamlessly with existing VoIP and other traditional networks, enabling integrators to easily implement a complete emergency notification system within schools, healthcare facilities, and industrial environments.

InformaCast and IPX can be used to help schools and districts send alerts about events that impact people’s safety. Whether it is an active shooter, severe weather, medical emergency, or another crisis, InformaCast and IPX can deliver the information people need to stay out of harm’s way.

Intrusive audio alerts, combined with visual cues, offer organizations the best opportunity to grab people’s attention and overcome potential challenges when broadcasting emergency alerts. Audio can force people to stop what they’re doing and listen, and speakers placed strategically throughout facilities help deliver information immediately, instead of waiting or hoping for someone to look at their mobile device. In noisy environments where audio can be difficult to hear, visual signals help provide an additional method for getting people to notice that an incident has occurred. AtlasIED and InformaCast offer organizations an easy way to leverage these two communication methods, along with a host of other tools to get the right information in front of the right people exactly when they need it.

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