How to Boost Emergency Preparedness During a Pandemic with Mass Notification


Boost Emergency Preparedness

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to cause disruptions for organizations all over the world. Many organizations are adapting to keep their operations running while mitigating the risk of catching the virus. While the pandemic poses an immediate concern that needs to be addressed, that does not make organizations immune from other events that may impact operations and the well-being of its people. Violent intruders can still enter buildings, severe weather can still damage property, and medical emergencies can still occur without warning. If organizations are not prepared, it can lead to dire consequences.

Organizations need to understand the events they need to plan for and the tools that will help them communicate warnings and action steps to people who need to be involved. In this blog, we’ll provide steps to boost emergency preparedness in your organization with help from a mass notification system.

Assess What You Have

Before you can begin to boost emergency preparedness in your organization, you need to understand what is already being done. Strong preparedness plans rely on robust communication, and that begins with bringing multiple departments together to provide input on a preparedness plan. Different departments may be using different tools and have different procedures in place that others may not be aware of. This offers an opportunity to take stock of different technologies being utilized and the plans that have been successful and apply them across your organization. Bringing together various perspectives helps account for every eventuality and may bring to light new issues that need to be addressed. While this may seem like an obvious step, it can be all too easy to put the burden of developing a preparedness plan on one group or person. With more people involved, there is a better chance for success as there will be a greater level of investment throughout your organization.

Understand What You Need

Once you understand what you have, you can begin to look at what you need. With multiple people and departments analyzing what is in place, that same group can identify gaps that need to be addressed. Maybe certain people are not receiving messages in a particular area of your building. Maybe you realize there is a threat that you have not planned for. Events like network outages and cyber security attacks may not pose an immediate safety threat, but they can be disruptive to normal activities. Looking at the big picture first will help when you need to get down to the specific actions you will take in your preparedness pans for different scenarios.

During a crisis event, the two most critical components when trying to get the word out are speed and reach. Mass notification systems can help organizations address both of these issues by making it easy to send alerts that reach everyone on mobile and on-premises devices. During your assessment, you may find that one of the issues is that you have multiple systems to log in and out of, which can be inefficient and time-consuming. Consolidating everything into a single mass notification system can save time and make it easier to ensure that every device receives a message.

Implement Your Solution

To boost emergency preparedness takes careful planning, cooperation, and investment of time and other resources. In the midst of a pandemic, this may not be easy for every organization to do. However, as the world finds ways to adjust to a new normal, your organization needs to be prepared for more than COVID-19. By boosting your emergency preparedness with a mass notification system you can protect people, property, and preserve continuity with well thought out and easily executed plans.




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