Singlewire Software Releases Butterflies in Restored Prairie Land


Developing a Healthy Ecosystem

Just over a year ago, Singlewire Software relocated our headquarters to a new building on the west side of Madison. That move included a complete building renovation that provided modern workspaces for our team, and since that time, we have continued to make improvements to the property.

One of those projects included a small prairie restoration project in the northwest corner of our property. This spring we performed a controlled burn, and later cut back and removed some sumac that was encroaching on the prairie. This has developed into a small, healthy ecosystem, holding many prairie flowers and providing a habitat for birds, butterflies, and bees.

To support the continued growth of this ecosystem, we recently released 12 monarch butterflies into the prairieland. Our team, along with some of their family members, we able to add to this flourishing environment and

Check out a short video from the release below, and learn why initiatives like this make Singlewire Software one of the best places to work in Madison.




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