How Mass Notification Can Help with New California Coronavirus Regulations


California Coronavirus Regulations

To help combat the continued challenges posed by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, California passed a law in September that requires employers to notify workers that have returned to in-person work of potential exposure to the virus. If someone within a workplace has been exposed, their employer will need to deliver written notification to the rest of their employees within one business day. That can include a text message or email written in English and the language understood by a majority of employees. The notice requirement is for all employees and subcontracted parties, and employers are encouraged to identify potential third parties who may have been within a facility during the time of exposure.

In addition to notifying people they may have been exposed, employers are also required to share information related to any coronavirus-benefits such as sick leave, as well as the employer's disinfection and safety plans to demonstrate how they will prevent further exposure.

This new law takes effect on Jan. 1, 2021, and the ability to send these notifications can be difficult without the right communication tools in place to quickly reach everyone with the information they need. In this blog post, we’ll outline how a mass notification system can help organizations in California meet these new requirements.

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Using Mass Notification

To meet the requirement to notify all potentially exposed parties within one business day, employer’s need a communication tool that offers easy to build and edit message templates, reaches everyone with messages on multiple channels with the push of a button, and can be installed quickly to meet the requirement deadline. Mass notification systems offer employers the opportunity to do all three.

With a mass notification system, organizations can build different messages groups so they can reach workers on specific shifts who may have been exposed to the coronavirus. These messages can be broadcast as text and audio to desk phones, IP speakers, digital signage, and desktop computers within a facility and mobile phones to people who are not on-premises. This offers the best chance of reaching as close to 100 percent of an employer’s intended audience as possible. Once configured these messages can be triggered with a few clicks from a web console or mobile app so employers do not need to waste any time alerting their people of a potential issue.

Reaching subcontracted employees can also be made easy by having them automatically sign up to receive messages in a temporary group. Using a mass notification system, employers can establish a number for subcontracted employees to text to sign up to receive alerts. This group can then be included in communications about potential coronavirus exposure if needed.

Get Started Sooner

Organizations in California looking to meet this new requirement will want to consider InformaCast Fusion from Singlewire Software. Our mass notification system provides a single interface for organizations to build and manage messages that can be sent to on-premises and mobile devices. It also features our user loader tool to quickly upload contact information for employees so you can get up and running quickly to meet the Jan. 1 deadline.

For organizations that are already running our InformaCast Advanced solution, now is the time to consider upgrading to InformaCast Fusion. You’ll get all of the functionality of InformaCast Advanced with the added ability to reach people on their mobile devices. During this uncertain time, your people’s safety should be a top priority. You cannot afford to have some miss a message when their health is on the line. By leveraging InformaCast Fusion you greatly expand the reach of your messages to keep people safe and informed, and by implementing a system now, you’ll have a robust tool in place to handle other emergencies in the future, like active shooters, natural disasters, and more.

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