Lockdown College and University Campuses with Mass Notification


Lockdown College and University Campuses

When colleges and universities experience emergency situations, there may be a need to lock down a particular building or an entire campus. This could be due to a violent intruder, chemical spill or other events that threatens the safety of students, faculty, and staff. The priority may be to keep people out of a certain area or prevent someone from escaping. While initiating lockdowns can provide a helpful way to enhance safety, college and university campuses need to have the right tools in place to do so effectively. It requires electronic door locks that can be activated remotely and mass notification software that can alert an entire campus that a lockdown has taken place. In this blog post, we’ll outline how mass notifications can help keep your campus population informed and help you activate door locks remotely when an emergency occurs.

Communicating with Your Campus

If an event calls for your campus to initiate a lockdown, mass notification systems can help alert your population and have them take the proper actions to stay out of harm’s way. Mass notifications can be triggered by web consoles, mobile apps, panic buttons, and other automated triggers to begin sending out messages. Audio and text alerts can simultaneously be sent out to IP phones, IP speakers, mobile devices, desktop computers, digital signage and more to let people know a lockdown is taking place. This helps college and university campus quickly alert all of their people with critical safety information and minimizes confusion about what is happening and why.

The Difference Between a Lockdown and Shelter in Place

Connecting to Door Locks

With the right configuration, like connected contact closures, a mass notification system can also serve as an easy way to physically lockdown buildings. When properly configured, lockdown messages can also trigger door locks in particular buildings or on specific floors. This can help speed up your response because it eliminates the need to log into a separate system. It also offers enhanced flexibility for activation since notifications the trigger door locks can be activated from desk phones or mobile apps, without the need to be in front of a computer console.

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Lifting a Lockdown

Lockdown procedures can be difficult to manage. It’s not just about alerting people and locking doors. It’s also about understanding the best course of action to take to resolve a situation and lift the lockdown so regular activities can resume on campus. Leveraging mass notification systems during lockdowns can also help gather the right people who can respond to the situation taking place. Automatically launched conference calls and collaboration tools in platforms like Microsoft Teams and Cisco Webex Teams can offer a simple way to begin coordinating response efforts. This can also be helpful when monitoring a situation and providing updates. As the situation progresses and more information becomes available, the campus population needs to know what steps are being taken to resolve whatever crisis is taking place. Once the incident is resolved, the decision can be made with input from key stakeholders to lift the lockdown.

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