InformaCast Mass Notification and Cisco are Cloud Ready


Combining Cisco and InformaCast

From the beginning, Singlewire Software has partnered with Cisco to deliver a mass notification solution that leverages Cisco telephony solutions to deliver critical safety alerts through our InformaCast software. Technology has changed since we first developed our software in the wake of the September 11thattacks, and Cisco and Singlewire have evolved our solutions to meet the changing demands of our end users.

6 Ways to Use Cisco and InformaCast for Safety

That’s why we’re excited to share that our InformaCast mass notification software is approved and ready to work with Cisco’s UCM Cloud offers. Our InformaCast software will work with Cisco hosted voice offers for Government and for Commercial. Now, whichever telephony service will work best for the end user, can also deliver the safety benefits offered when using InformaCast in conjunction with Cisco. In this blog post we’ll walk through three benefits end users can now experience with both solutions being delivered from the cloud.


Singlewire adds support for InformaCast Advanced to interoperate with Cisco Communications Manager according to the FedRAMP guidelines in a US Federal customer's environment. The FedRAMP program provides a standardized approach to security assessment, authorization, and continuous monitoring for cloud products and services. InformaCast Advanced connects to the Cisco UCM Cloud service, allowing Cisco UCM Cloud customers to use audio broadcasting and other important mass notification features of InformaCast Advanced.

Explore InformaCast for Government


End users now have more choices when designing the optimal deployment for Cisco and InformaCast in their environment. With on-premises, cloud-based or combination deployments available, you can now find everything you need from offerings provided by Cisco and InformaCast.

InformaCast offers two service levels that pair well with Cisco telephony solutions. InformaCast Advanced is deployed on-premises and works with CUCM for live and recorded audio paging, panic button configuration and more to help with mass notification. InformaCast Fusion offers a combined cloud and on-premises solution to reach Cisco IP phones, other on-premises devices, and mobile devices.

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Lower Total Cost of Ownership

When a customer deploys to the cloud, they will have a lower up-front cost for software and maintenance than a traditional on-premises deployment. Cisco cloud-ready offerings work with InformaCast Fusion for a hybrid cloud deployment offering, which is provided as a subscription service. This brings more value to the end user and can offer them opportunities to explore additional projects that can help with their communication needs.

These are just some of the advantages cloud-ready offerings can provide end users. Learn about these benefits and more during Cisco Impact in Las Vegas, Aug. 27-29, or contact our team at [email protected].




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