CTI Over TLS Now Available for InformaCast Mass Notification



The need for organizations to provide a secure environment when sending messages continues to grow, and mass notifications are no exception. Organizations need a secure solution to eliminate the possibility of outsiders eavesdropping on network traffic. That’s why the latest update to InformaCast Advanced offers new Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) security and CTI-connected Plugins. Computer Telephony Integration over Transport Layer Security (CTI over TLS) and CTI with Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol (CTI with SRTP) are now available with InformaCast and its CTI-connected plugins, including CallAware, Conference Call, Night Bell, and Park and Page. CTI over TLS ensures that communication between InformaCast and Unified Communications Manager is encrypted and authenticated, and CTI with SRTP ensures that calls between InformaCast and connected Cisco IP phones are encrypted and authenticated.

This is particularly relevant for government customers who run Cisco’s UCM Cloud for Government in their environments. In those environments, this is a required feature for solutions of this nature.

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Keeping People Safe and Informed

Cisco’s UCM Cloud for Government provides users with the security of a FedRAMP Authorized cloud data security service, backed by Cisco’s industry-leading cybersecurity. This solution features dedicated deployments, end-to-end encryption to the FIPS 140 standard, and government-defined architecture. When used in combination with InformaCast, government buildings can create a powerful mass notification ecosystem to alert all of their people.

InformaCast can connect to Cisco IP phones, IP speakers, digital signage, desktop computers and more to send audio and text alerts throughout a facility. If a government building experiences any kind of threat, whether it be a terrorist attack of a natural disaster, pre-built messages can be deployed to share critical safety information. This helps ensure government agencies are achieving the best possible speed and reach when sending emergency messages to keep people out of harm’s way.

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