Singlewire Software Launches Customer Success Initiative


Ensuring Customer Success

In an ongoing effort to provide an exceptional customer experience, Singlewire Software announces the launch of its Customer Success Team. The Customer Success Team will work with new and existing customers to ensure the successful implementation and use of InformaCast Mobile and InformaCast Fusion.

Customer Success will include Onboarding Training, which is now included in every purchase of InformaCast Mobile and InformaCast Fusion. The Customer Success Team also offers two hands-on training packages: JumpStart and JumpStart Premium. Custom Professional Services are available as well for customers that need additional assistance with set up and training.

InformaCast Onboarding

InformaCast Mobile and InformaCast Fusion customers will receive onboarding training with their purchase. Onboarding includes, provisioning new licenses in the cloud so customers can download the software to get started. Training sessions will be scheduled to help add users within InformaCast and provide a walkthrough of message templates, distribution lists, and security groups. Onboarding training will conclude with the launch of a test message to ensure the new InformaCast system is installed and configured correctly. This helps organizations achieve a basic understanding of how InformaCast works and sets them on the path to begin using it regularly.


With JumpStart, customers receive assistance setting up the most commonly requested InformaCast features. Customer Success helps install and configure the InformaCast Fusion software and helps create new users, distribution lists, and message templates. The team also delivers integration with panic buttons, sets up emergency call alerting with CallAware and establishes regularly scheduled messages. This training includes sending test notifications to ensure the system is ready to use.

Jumpstart Premium and Custom Professional Services

With JumpStart Premium, customers receive more hands-on assistance with their InformaCast setup. The Customer Success team takes a deeper dive into the unique use-cases and requirements of an organization and spends additional time with an organization’s safety, human resources, or business continuity teams. Together they’ll identify key business outcomes and develop a specific implementation plan that meets every need. JumpStart Premium also includes more custom integrations, including InformaCast Desktop Notifier configuration and High Availability set up.

Customers will also have the option to develop their own custom professional services package should their needs extend beyond the offerings of JumpStart and JumpStart Premium.

For more information, contact our Customer Success Manager, Kevin Schmotzer, at [email protected].



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