Using Emergency Notification Software During a Cybersecurity Breach


Preserve Business Continuity

Cybersecurity threats are all too real. Outside forces are looking for ways to compromise or even cripple your organization by invading your network and communication systems. When an event like this occurs, how will you communicate with your organization?

An organization’s ability to communicate is greatly complicated when its network and other communication systems have been compromised. Traditional methods like e-mail and office phone systems may be inoperable. In the meantime, management and the incident response team need a method of communicating with their staff, to mitigate the loss of business continuity.

Emergency Notification for Business

Getting the Word Out

One of the most reliable ways to spread information quickly without relying on potentially compromised systems is by using tools that take advantage of the cloud. These services are hosted remotely and will remain unaffected should a cyber attack occur.

Emergency notification systems like InformaCast Mobile and InformaCast Fusion from Singlewire Software provide cloud-based solutions to let people know when a crisis occurs. With the ability to reach people via a variety of communication methods (SMS texts, push notifications, e-mail and phone calls from the cloud to cell phones), organization leaders can provide regular updates on the situation.

InformaCast also offers instant collaboration tools the help organizations manage emergency situations like cybersecurity attacks. When those type of situations occur, every minute matters. Staging an immediate conference call or using a tool like Cisco Webex Teams for rich collaboration can bring the team together to better manage the situation. Having a means to gather key stakeholders can help maintain business continuity.

Keeping People Safe and Informed

With three different service levels, InformaCast provides a flexible solution for any organization trying to reach large numbers of people quickly. In addition to cybersecurity threats, InformaCast can be used across a variety of industries for emergency events that can include active shooters, severe weather, building evacuation and more.

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