Desktop Notifier 4.0 Offers Fresh Options for Emergency Notification


Send Messages That Grab People’s Attention

When critical information needs to be shared within an organization, it’s important that mass notifications are sent in a way that can’t be ignored. Desktop Notifier for InformaCast Advanced gives users the ability to send emergency notifications to desktop computers within their organization. With version 4.0, this notification software provides four different options for how messages can display on laptops and multiple customization opportunities to fit an organization’s brand. This ensures that emergency notifications are seen by people while they are working at their desktops.

Dive deeper in Desktop Notifier

Pop-Up Messages on Desktop Screens

Emergency notifications sent using Desktop Notifier 4.0 can be configured as messages that will pop up over whatever other applications someone may be working on. The messages can be fully customized, including font type, size and color, background color and can even include an organization’s logo to make it clear who the message is coming from. The desktop user will not be able to pull up any new applications over the pop up message until they acknowledge the message.

Discover Additional InformaCast Features

Scroll Ticker Messages Along the Bottom

Desktop Notifier also offers the option to have messages scroll along the bottom of a computer screen similar to cable news tickers. This option is less obtrusive than the pop up and desktop users can pause the scrolling text simply by moving their mouse over it. The scroll resumes when the mouse moves off the bar. Messages can be configured for custom font and background colors, along with an organization logo and the speed of the scrolling text.


Use Toast Notifications

Toast notifications are available through Desktop Notifier for Windows and Mac computers. Toast notifications will linger for five second before disappearing. Mousing over the notification will keep it on the screen, and desktop users can click on it for a more detailed message. Customization options are limited for toast notifications but organization logos can still be included.

Tray Notifications

In certain organizations, the work being done on computer desktops is mission critical, and cannot be interrupted for any reason. In those situations, Desktop Notifier can be configured to provide a subtle signal that a new message is available for the desktop user. On Macs, if Desktop Notifier is installed in the dashboard, the icon will jump once to indicate a new message is available. On Windows, a number will appear over the Desktop Notifier icon to signal a new message.

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