Everyday Use of Mass Notification Systems Helps Prepare for Emergencies


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The worst time to find out your communication system doesn’t reach everyone is during the middle of an emergency. Without testing, it’s nearly impossible to identify issues your organization may encounter when it needs to send critical messages. Using a flexible mass communication system that can be used for day-to-day activities as well as emergency communications can help ensure your system works when it matters most.

InformaCast emergency notification software was built to help facilitate evacuations from government buildings should they come under attack. However, its day-to-day use was for reaching multiple desk phones simultaneous with important information. This has continued to be the guiding principle with every update Singlewire Software has made to InformaCast: reach the greatest number of people with your message.

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Day-to-Day Uses

Today, InformaCast has grown beyond just reaching desk phones, to include mobile devices, desktop computers and other on-premises devices like IP speakers and digital signage. Despite that evolution, it still maintains a flexible user interface so messages can be customized and used for a variety of purposes.

While many organizations use InformaCast to alert large groups of people about crisis situations, such as severe weather, active shooters, fires and more, it can also be used for day-today activities.

Hospitals often use InformaCast to tie into overhead paging systems to announce when visiting hours are over. Schools use it to automate bell schedules, communicate with parents about events and policies, and provide updates on inclement weather. Colleges and universities can use it for special events, like graduation, to keep visitors informed. The possibilities are truly endless and can be added and removed based on the needs of the organization.

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Trusting When It Needs to Work

Finding day-to-day uses for InformaCast, whether it be regular announcements or conducting drills, has the added benefit of knowing that your messages are being sent to the right people and devices. Test different groups and device combinations to find what works best for your organization. Then you can also work on incorporating testing for emergency situations. These steps will help prepare your organization for a crisis and help you reach as many people as possible with potentially life saving information.




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