Federal Mass Notification Use Cases to Enhance Safety and Communication


Federal Mass Notification

Federal agencies provide essential services to citizens, but how do those agencies get the help they need when they need assistance? Government buildings can become targets, threatening the safety of the people that work there. If an emergency takes place, strong communication tools need to be in place so everyone can receive the information they need to stay safe.

Singlewire Software has been helping federal agencies achieve this goal for almost 20 years. We created our InformaCast mass notification solution in response to government agency needs to evacuate buildings quickly following the Sept. 11th attacks. Many other industries have recognized the need for mass notification solutions since that time, and the number of applications has greatly expanded. The basic need has remained the same though: get critical information into the hands of people who need it as quickly as possible. In this blog post, we’ll go over some of the most useful applications for mass notification in federal environments.

Live Audio Paging

Federal buildings can be busy and expansive spaces. People are often in meetings where they are away from their desks and a chaotic environment does not lend itself to passive notification. Live audio paging sent to phones and overhead speaker systems offer the ability to interrupt ongoing activities with intrusive messaging that forces people to stop what they are doing and take notice. This can be particularly useful if a building needs to be evacuated as it allows for simultaneous notification so people can take immediate action.

911 Alerts

If an emergency occurs inside a federal building, a person’s first instinct may be to dial 911. This is helpful when trying to alert outside agencies but can skip over the people within a building who can respond to a situation more quickly. Configuring notifications that trigger when someone dials 911 or another emergency number can help alert key security personnel that an issue is taking place. Notifications can include the phone that placed the call as well as a recording to provide more context about the situation. This helps people inside and outside the building coordinate a more effective response to help those in need.

Mobile Notification

Federal workers will not always be in their buildings though, that’s why it is important to also have a way to reach people on their mobile devices. Mobile notifications sent as SMS text, push notification, and/or emails offer a direct way to reach people with important updates. If people are outside of buildings it can also help prevent them from entering a potentially dangerous area unaware that they are putting their safety at risk.

Severe Weather Notifications

Regardless of where a federal agency may be located, severe weather can impact operations. Whether it’s shutting down a facility or creating a response to fulfill their duties to help assist in times of crisis, severe weather notifications can help alert people about storms, blizzards, extreme heat, and other inclement events. A mass notification system can be configured to monitor CAP feeds from the National Weather Service for specific types of events and particular geographic areas. When the CAP feed publishes a message that matches the defined criteria, it will trigger notifications to mobile and on-premises telling people to seek shelter or take other appropriate precautions given the event.

Desktop Notifications

Another feature many federal agencies are starting to look at is desktop notifications. In addition to mobile phones, desk phones, and overhead speakers, desktop computers are a device that many people are using on a regular basis, so it makes sense to use it to share vital safety information. Notifications can include text and audio and can appear as a pop-up over other applications, as well as a scrolling ticker, tray, and toast notifications. Federal agencies can configure the appearance for whatever best suits their environment.

Mass notifications offer unparalleled flexibility for building messages that address any kind of emergency a federal agency may encounter. These are just some of the most relevant features that organizations may want to look at, but with the right solution, it’s possible to create a connected ecosystem to alert everyone, wherever they are as soon as someone notices a situation unfolding.




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