School Safety Webinar Offered from Fire Door Armor and Singlewire


The Latest School Safety Solution

To demonstrate the value of the new partnership between Fire Door Armor and Singlewire Software, the companies will be hosting a K12 webinar to showcase how their combined solutions offer safe classroom environments. The webinar will take place on Thursday, July, 26 at 2 p.m. CST. People interested in attending can register for the webinar here: Emergency Notification with Fire Door Armor and InformaCast.

The agenda for the webinar include:

  • Fire Door Armor barricade overview
  • How to deploy and install
  • Typical use cases
  • Overview of emergency notification alerting with InformaCast Fusion
  • Q & A

Fire Door Armor™ (patent pending) offers the latest barricade technology intended to keep active shooters out of secure areas while allowing unimpeded egress in case of fire. Its technology provides immediate mass notification via InformaCast Fusion to lock down an entire campus in seconds, saving countless lives in an active shooter emergency.

Learn more about emergency notification for K12

Barricade and Notify

Fire Door Armor functionality is included in the latest InformaCast Fusion update. The durable WiFi-enabled door barricade pairs with InformaCast Fusion’s fast, reliable, and accurate notification capabilities. The Fire Door Armor door barricade has two sturdy plates that bolt to the door (from both sides) and the floor. When a door barricade’s latch is locked, its attached dead man’s switch is tripped and sends an HTTP POST request to InformaCast Fusion. InformaCast Fusion sees the request and sends the notification tied to that door barricade’s building to the specified recipients. All InformaCast Fusion endpoint types are supported, including IP phones, IP speakers, mobile phones, email addresses, and more. In the case of an Internet outage, on-premises devices will still receive notifications.

Visit our Fire Door Armor page to see how this combined solution works ahead of the webinar.



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