InformaCast Fusion Update Offers Inbound RSS, Email and CAP Triggers


Take Advantage of New Features

The emergency notification needs of organizations are always evolving, that’s why we regularly provide our users with updates to our InformaCast software to keep pace with those needs. One function we’re always looking at is giving users more options for how they can trigger messages. In this update, we provide new options to trigger InformaCast Fusion broadcasts with inbound RSS, Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) and email. The update also gives users the option to set an expiration date and time for their messages, offers a Hybrid Runtime Environment and expands the types of environments that can support InformaCast Desktop Notifier.

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In this blog post, we’ll go through each of new features now available in InformaCast Fusion.

HRE and More

The latest update for InformaCast Fusion includes:

Hybrid Runtime Environment (HRE) - Organizations using InformaCast Fusion in a non-telephony environment (i.e. without IP phones or a Unified Communications Manager server) can now use InformaCast Fusion’s SIP functionality to configure access to phone, DialCast, or voice menu features.

Simplified CallAware Setup - The interface to configure InformaCast CallAware to send notifications when 911 or another emergency number has been called from a phone within an organization has been simplified to allow for easier setup.

Trigger Notifications with Incoming CAP Alerts - Inbound CAP allows organizations to trigger a notification when CAP alerts that match defined rules are sent by various sources. InformaCast Mobile/Fusion monitors several public safety organizations' CAP feeds, most notably the U.S. National Weather Service. When these organizations send a CAP alert, InformaCast Mobile/Fusion "sees" the alert and compares its information with the criteria an organization has configured within its inbound CAP rules (e.g. the text CAP alerts must contain along with their language, location, and category). If the CAP alert matches the rule's criteria, the message template assigned to the rule is sent out to its recipients.

Trigger a Notification with an Email - Inbound email allows organizations to trigger a notification when an email with a specific message is sent to a monitored account.

Trigger a Notification with an RSS Feed - Inbound RSS allows organizations to link an RSS feed to a specific InformaCast Mobile/Fusion message template and trigger notifications whenever new feed information becomes available.

Expire a Message Template - Organizations can now set a date and time for when a notification will automatically expire.

Expanded Support for VDI Environments - The latest version of the InformaCast Desktop Notifier, which is compatible with InformaCast Fusion 3.6.0, now supports several Virtual Desktop Interface (VDI) products, including VMWare Horizon 7, Citrix XenDesktop 7.9, and VMware vSphere 6.5.

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