Singlewire Releases InformaCast Fusion Server Appliance and SRSN


High Availability

2017 was a landmark year for updates for our InformaCast emergency notification system, and we’re hitting the ground running in 2018 with three big new features. Available Jan. 31, 2018, InformaCast Fusion now offers Survivable Remote Site Notification (SRSN), distributed activation and an InformaCast Fusion Server Appliance. Theses features enhance the reliability of InformaCast Fusion and make it easier for large organizations to scale the solution for their needs.

This blog posts provides details on how each of these features provides high availability for InformaCast Fusion to continue delivering messages when a wide-area network goes down.

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Survivable Remote Site Notification ensures high availability for InformaCast Fusion. This is a vital feature for organizations where emergency notification is mission critical. With an InformaCast Fusion server (software or hardware appliance) at a site, notifications, including live, ad hoc, and pre-recorded audio, as well as DialCast, bell schedules and more, will continue to operate if the wide-area network connection is interrupted for any reason.


InformaCast Fusion Server Appliance

The InformaCast Fusion Server Appliance makes it possible to place InformaCast Fusion servers at locations on a customer's wide-area network that don't have virtual computing resources. The software version of the InformaCast Fusion server requires the customer to provide virtual computing resources - which can be a problem at remote sites such as schools, remote campuses, clinics and more. The server appliance eliminates this challenge by bringing the server on-site.

Distributed Activation

Distributed Activation refers to this feature’s ability to distribute the notification workload. For organizations with thousands of IP devices, Distributed Activation offers an easy way to scale on-premises notifications, so thousands of IP devices can receive critical messages even faster than they do today.

Learn more about how to manage notifications for all on-premises and mobile devices in your organization through a single system with InformaCast Fusion.




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