Hospital Crime Rates on the Rise—Enhance Safety with InformaCast


Minimize Risk by Raising Awareness

Campus Safety Magazine recently reported on the findings from the International Association for Healthcare Security and Safety (IAHSS) Foundation’s latest crime survey. The results showed an increase in the crime rate at U.S. hospitals over the previous year. This included an increase in violent crime, assaults, disorderly contact, theft and vandalism, as well as other categories.

In a hospital setting, providing excellent patient care is a top priority. Being able to offer a safe and secure space for patients, staff and visitors is a key component of providing that level of care. With crime rates on the rise, it’s more important than ever to have a mass notification system in place that can send messages throughout an entire hospital to alert everyone when an emergency takes place.

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Leveraging InformaCast in Hospitals

InformaCast emergency notification system makes it easy to send alerts throughout a hospital that can help cut down on crime, and enhance the safety of everyone in the building. It can connect to existing systems, such as overhead paging to ensure that messages are reaching the maximum amount of people.

And while reaching everyone is important, hospitals are also sensitive environments. In some cases, it might not be beneficial to alert an entire building that a crime is taking place. InformaCast can tie into different devices, and users can set up zones and groups to direct who receives an emergency notification and in what parts of the hospital building. For example, certain messages can be sent directly to the security steam and upper-level hospital administrators.

When crimes occur in a hospital, or when the potential for crimes to occur is present, InformaCast can help minimize the risk. In particular, it can be used to initiate lockdown procedures, which can help prevent a violent intruder from moving into other areas of the hospital.

Protection Beyond Crimes

In addition to crimes, hospitals across the country use InformaCast to provide excellent patient care in a number of other ways. Automated severe weather alerts configured through InformaCast can help facilitate shift changes or delays. InformaCast can also connect to RFID tags to track patient locations. This is particularly helpful with patients with dementia who may tend to wander outside of designated areas.

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Another hospital took advantage of InformaCast’s ability to section off where certain pages are sent. When they had to send critical code blue pages, they wanted to make sure available staff heard the call, but did not want to cause unneeded stress to family members in waiting areas. They were able to establish specific zones that ensured hospital staff would be notified, while avoiding sending code blue pages to waiting areas.

Watch the video case study

Every hospitals’ needs are different, that’s why InformaCast offers three service levels so to address a variety of challenges. Explore each level and to find the best fit for your hospital.




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