How Housing Authorities Can Benefit from Implementing Mass Notification


Mass Notification for Housing Authorities

Housing authorities offer disadvantaged populations the opportunity to find suitable living situations. The people that run those facilities have the same obligation as any organization to fulfill their duty of care and provide a safe living environment. Safety starts with strong communication which can be achieved with help from a mass notification system. With the ability to address multiple safety challenges and reach a large number of people in a short amount of time, mass notifications offer a unique solution for housing authorities trying to communicate with their residents. In this blog post, we’ll outline how housing authorities can protect their staff and the people they serve with help from a mass notification system.

Prepare for Any Situation

Regardless of where a housing authority is located, it can be susceptible to any number of threats. Violent intruders, severe weather, medical emergencies, and more can all impact the people housing authorities serve. A mass notification system offers the ability to create message templates to deal with any scenario residents and staff may face. Lockdown instructions can be included in messages about violent intruders, automated severe weather alerts can include directions for the nearest storm shelter, ongoing updates can be delivered with information regarding a viral outbreak in a building, and even early earthquake warning systems can help people anticipate natural disasters. When notifications are sent out to residents, staff can even request a response to understand if people have received messages and are safe or if they need assistance. Whatever the situation, housing authorities can pre-plan alerts, as well as identify the devices and groups that should receive the message to create an effective emergency communication plan.

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Reach People Wherever They Are

In addition to flexible options for preparing alerts, mass notification systems also offer a wide range of delivery options to ensure that no matter someone is or what they are doing they receive the information they need to stay out of harm’s way. Mass notifications can be delivered to staff via desk phones, desktop computers, and mobile devices, notifications can be broadcast through buildings via IP speakers, and residents can also receive messages on their mobile devices. Being able to reach people the moment an incident occurs reduces the chance they enter a dangerous area.

Simplification Equals Speed

One of the biggest advantages of implementing a mass notification is that it helps simplify a housing authority’s alerting process. It connects disparate devices and systems so that with a push of a button notifications can be sent out. Resident information like phone numbers and email addresses can be preloaded into the system and divided into groups so the right information reaches the right people when they need it most.

With a mass notification system in place, housing authorities can be better connected to their residents, provide vital updates, and protect people and property from potential harm.




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