When Should You Implement a Mass Notification Solution?


Implementing a Mass Notification Tool

Many organizations know they need to have the tools in place to help keep their people safe and informed. They may be aware that a mass notification system can help, but implementing one often ends up getting pushed back on a “to-do” list for a number of reasons. Limited financial resources, staffing commitments, and general lack of knowledge can all deter an organization from prioritizing implementing a mass notification solution. This often leads to organizations implementing a solution only after they have experienced an incident and experienced backlash due to poor communication during a critical event.

The truth is, the timing is likely never going to be perfect for your organization to implement a mass notification solution, but the best time to implement a solution is before an incident ever has a chance to occur. Without the right tools, you can experience serious interruptions to daily operations and business continuity, not to mention the potential physical harm that your people may experience. A mass notification tool can help you fulfill your duty of care, prepare for emergency events, and notify everyone with critical safety information to keep them out of harm’s way. In this blog post, we’ll go over three ways organizations can prioritize implementing a mass notification system to enhance safety and communication.

Work With a Vendor That Makes It Easy

Sometimes the biggest obstacle when trying to implement a mass notification solution is time. That can be the time it takes to get the system up and running, but also the time it takes to find the right system for your organization. It’s important to work with a vendor that is going to make it easy for you to understand how their solutions work, how much it will cost, and how it can best be deployed in your environment. This is often a good sign that the vendor understands the customer experience and also offers a product that is easy to use and implement.

That’s why Singlewire Software offers an on-demand video demo, easy to navigate product features, and pricing listed right on our website. While we like to interact directly with potential customers, schedules can sometimes be restricting. Our on-demand demo lets interested organizations see the full range of features from our InformaCast mass notification software in under ten minutes. The pricing page lists information for our various service levels to make it easy to get a general idea of what it would cost to implement InformaCast, and our features page clearly lists different ways organizations can use our software. All of this helps speed up the research process.

Find a Money-Saving Solution

To help pay for a solution, organizations should look at the total costs associated with implementing a mass notification system. In some cases, the cost of the software is compounded when organizations realize they also need to purchase compatible hardware. Finding software that works with existing technology an organization has in place can save money and add value to those devices and systems. Organizations can also add value by finding everyday uses for a mass notification system, like automating systems or announcements.

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And just as organizations should not wait to implement a system, they also should not settle for cost-effective solutions that may not reach everyone who needs a message. The costs associated with downtime or a lawsuit can be far greater than the initial cost of a mass notification system. Be sure to find a solution that has the greatest likelihood of reaching everyone during an emergency by leveraging multiple devices and message formats.

Get Buy-In From Multiple Parties

One way organizations have tackled the time and money issues associated with implementing a mass notification solution is by securing buy-in from multiple parties. Organizations often task a single department, like IT or security, with finding a mass notification solution. Depending on their workload, this can slow down the research and implementation process, and put a financial burden on one department’s budget. By soliciting input from multiple parties, organizations can research more options and pull budget from multiple departments to help allay the costs.

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Bringing multiple departments to the table has the added benefit of implementing a more effective solution. With more discussion, everyone has a better idea of what an organization’s needs are when it comes to communicating safety information. It also helps everyone become more invested in the system’s success.

Your organization may already have some tools in place to help communicate with large groups of people. Read our blog post to understand what tools you have and how a mass notification system can make them even more effective.




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