Demand Grows for Emergency Mass Notification Systems


Safety is a Priority for Everyone

As reported by Campus Safety Magazine, from a report by IHS Markit, demand for mass notification system software solutions is on the rise in the Americas. Mass notification systems help send critical information throughout an organization quickly to help keep people safe. Singlewire Software develops InformaCast so K12 schools and districts, hospitals, businesses, colleges, universities and other organizations have a tool to communicate messages that protect their people.

In this blog post, we’ll break down the reasons listed for the growth in demand from the Campus Safety Magazine article, and explain how InformaCast addresses each of these needs.

Protecting Against Natural Disasters

As stated in the article, “In the Americas, hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes are occurring more frequently, so unimpeded mass communication during these events is critical…”

These types of events can develop rapidly, so having a system that can utilize pre-written message templates, or can tie into organizations like the National Weather Service to send automated alerts, can save precious time. InformaCast can be used to share weather and natural disaster information, including messages for sheltering-in-place and updates about delays or closings. With an increase in the frequency that these events happen, InformaCast is helping organizations spread the word to everyone to keep them out of harm’s way.

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Reaching Everyone to Save Lives

The article also mentions the importance of reach when it comes to emergency notification systems, “MNS software is often employed so end users can communicate with their employees, federal agencies, university students and the general public. More channels of communication available in these types of events mean more people can reach safety faster and more lives can be saved.”

This idea is at the very heart of InformaCast. We understand that organizations can be large, and each is unique in how it communicates with its people. That’s why InformaCast strives to be the central hub for an organization’s emergency mass communications. With InformaCast, users can connect to a variety of devices, including IP phones, IP speakers, desktop computers, digital signage, mobile devices and more, to ensure every possible channel is leveraged. By being able to send messages as phone calls, SMS text messages, push notifications and emails, InformaCast makes it more likely that organizations reach 100 percent of their population.

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User-Interface Reduces Errors

As demand rises and usage increases, it’s important that the systems organizations use have fail-safes against user error. As stated in the article, “…there is a continuing need to improve the user interfaces of these systems to avoid unnecessary public panic in the future.”

With any kind of system that puts people’s safety as a top priority, there is always a push-and-pull between the need to be easy to use, and the need to not cause unwanted worry. InformaCast makes it easy to set up alerts, but also to define permissions, so only those with designated authority send alerts. This reduces the chance a critical message is sent accidentally.

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