Registering and Troubleshooting Your IP Speakers


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If your organization encounters an emergency, it’s imperative that all the equipment you use to communicate critical safety information is working properly. In large organizations, one way to quickly disseminate information is through audio messages broadcast over IP speakers. InformaCast emergency notification software can tie into IP speaker systems to broadcast prerecorded and live audio messages during emergency situations. It also offers support resources to register and troubleshoot speakers for optimal operation of the integrated system.

IP Speakers are broadcasting targets (see supported speaker partners) that will directly register with InformaCast over your IP network. As long as multicast, DHCP, and SLP are correctly configured on your network, your IP speakers and InformaCast will establish communication. Once communication is established, all IP speaker types register directly with InformaCast.

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If IP speakers are booting up, but are not registering to InformaCast, there could be an issue with the initial multicast communication that is done by SLP to discover the InformaCast server. Other resources are available from Singlewire to assist with this issue, but it is recommended that you work directly with your network vendor or consulting partner to troubleshoot and/or configure multicast routing. You can also run a packet capture from the InformaCast server using the InformaCast Log Tool to test if InformaCast is seeing any SLP traffic from the IP speakers.

Community Knowledge Base

More information is available in the recently launched Singlewire Software Support Community, which is filled with additional resources and tools. In addition to the full IP speaker guide, the Community includes knowledge articles that offer detailed instructions on how to get the most out of InformaCast. Community members can contribute their own expertise and engage in discussions about how they are utilizing InformaCast.

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If users continue to experience issues, they can always contact our Support Team for additional help. Our Support Team receives consistent high scores on customer satisfaction surveys for their ability to provide quick, personalized solutions. Using the report generated by the Log Tool our Support Team will work with you to understand the issues you are encountering, how to best overcome them, and how to prevent those issues from happening again.

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