How to Begin Implementing School Safety Initiatives Today


Protect Students and Staff

School safety can be a daunting task to tackle. The number of factors and possibilities schools and districts need to consider can seem infinite. That being said, schools need to place safety as a top priority, and they need tools that help them achieve this goal.

That’s why Singlewire Software put together a comprehensive eBook detailing steps schools and districts can take during each month of the year to enhance safety. While the eBook is set up to guide schools throughout the year, the steps can be completed in any order. Some might be easier to accomplish quickly, while others require more planning. Ultimately the eBook serves as a resource for ideas schools and districts can implement at their own pace and a tool to assess their current safety and security procedures.

The eBook covers:

  • Tips to Enhance Communication and Connectivity
  • Strategies for Clear Communication During a Crisis
  • Protecting Schools from Nearby Threats
  • Why Mobile Matters
  • And more

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Safety Measures Are Always Evolving

The topics covered in the eBook are evergreen, but the issue of school safety is always evolving. Our blog is always producing fresh content that relates to K-12 safety and security concerns.

Recent K-12 topics covered on our blog include:

These resources tie back to our emergency notification system, InformaCast. Schools across the country use it to build messages for a variety of emergency scenarios including severe weather and active shooter situations. It helps spread the word quickly and facilitate efficient responses to crisis events.

Learn more about InformaCast for K12

See How Schools Are Already Using InformaCast

Schools and districts also want to use tools that are proven to work. We’ve compiled video case studies of K-12 schools and districts around the country that are using InformaCast emergency notification software to keep students and staff safe and enhance communication.

K-12 schools using InformaCast include:

  • Necedah Area School District in Wisconsin has an elementary, middle and high school all in the same building. The district uses InformaCast to help designate different zones so the proper messages are sent to the right school.
  • Latin School of Chicago needed to upgrade to a more modern system for sending messages when responding to emergency situations. The school chose InformaCast to help send emergency alerts, initiate lockdowns and automatically send messages about approaching severe weather.
  • Middleton-Cross Plains Area School District in Wisconsin had to find a tool that helped them coordinate with first responder teams in eight different municipalities. InformaCast helped the district centralize its communications and target messages to reach the right audiences. These efforts garnered local media coverage for the district as well.

With these tools and ideas, schools and districts can begin taking immediate steps to enhance the measures they already have in place to protect students and staff.




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