Fulfill Kari’s Law Requirements with InformaCast Mass Notification


What Is Kari’s Law?

On February 16, 2020, organizations will need to comply with Kari’s Law, a new set of federal regulations that address access and notifications for 911 calls. The law has two main components: 911 notification and direct dialing. Many people’s first instinct during an emergency is to call 911, so organizations need to make it as easy as possible to reach emergency personnel and alert others that 911 has been dialed. In this blog post, we’ll review how InformaCast mass notification software can help fulfill one of the requirements outlined in Kari’s Law.

911 Notification

Kari’s Law mandates that organizations have a way to notify appropriate members when 911 has been dialed. This can help alert security personnel, upper-level management and administrators, and trained medical personnel within an organization that there is an emergency taking place. CallAware, a feature available within InformaCast Advanced and InformaCast Fusion, gives organizations the ability to trigger mass notifications when 911 is dialed from on-premises phones. Notifications can include text messages, emails, desktop pop-ups, and audio alerts played from desk phones, IP speakers, and desktop computers. Users and devices can be grouped so the right people receive the notification, without alerting an entire building or campus. Organizations can go a step further and listen to ongoing 911 calls to better understand the context of the situation.

InformaCast notifications triggered using CallAware can also include additional information, like where the phone that dialed 911 is located. Using InformaCast, organizations can assign information, including the telephone number and the location of the phone, which gets included in the notification that gets sent out when someone dials 911. This information only gets sent to people within the organization, who can then use it to better direct first responders when they arrive.

What to Do After Someone Calls 911

Direct 911 Calling

Kari’s Law also mandates that organization configure their phone systems to dial 911 directly. This is actually how the law was conceived, following the death of a woman whose daughter was unable to reach first responders because the hotel they were staying in required guests to dial “9” first before they could connect to an outside number. Organizations can no longer require an initial number or code to be dialed when it comes to 911 calls. This helps remove barriers that can slowdown response times and prevent those in need from reaching those that can provide assistance.

InformaCast cannot be used to fulfill this requirement as it is dependent on how an organization configures their phone system’s dial plan. However, it is important to be aware of all aspects of the law to be able to achieve full compliance.

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