Using the InformaCast Log Tool to Your Advantage


Identify and Solve Issues with Ease

When something goes wrong, the biggest challenge can be understanding what the issue is. Whether it’s a system failing to connect to a device, or a notification going off at the wrong time, it can be difficult to know where the issue originates, making it even more challenging to solve.

With InformaCast, we offer a reliable easy-to-use mass notification system, but if our clients encounter a problem, we want it be easy for them to solve. That’s why every InformaCast customer has access to our Log Tool to troubleshot and maintain their system. The Log Tool identifies issues within InformaCast so users have the knowledge they need to begin solving problems they might be experiencing. It is a self-contained resource that is simple to use and requires no special access or permissions.

How and Why to Use It

Running the Log Tool will generate a report directing users to the source of potential issues. Common issues can include trouble integrating with Call Manager, phones not showing up properly within InformaCast, or phones that do not activate when sending an alert.

The Log Tool is a great asset after your initial InformaCast setup, as it can help identify issues before you start using it regularly in your organization. It is also helpful to run if you have made any changes to other IT systems that could impact your InformaCast setup. With the Log Tool, it will gather, parse and call out errors with your InformaCast setup so it can begin running smoothly again. That way you know you’re reaching everyone, every time with critical information.

Learn more about the Log Tool

Community Knowledge Base

Singlewire Software also recently launched its Support Community filled with resources and tools. You can find and download the latest version of the Log Tool in the Community as well as other InformaCast tools.

The Community also includes knowledge articles that offer detailed instructions on how to get the most out of InformaCast. Community members can contribute their own expertise and engage in discussions about how they are utilizing InformaCast.

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Contact Singlewire Support

If users continue to experience issues, they can always contact our Support Team for additional help. Our Support Team receives consistent high scores on customer satisfaction surveys for their ability to provide quick, personalized solutions. Using the report generated by the Log Tool our Support Team will work with you to understand the issues you are encountering, how to best overcome them, and how to prevent those issues from happening again.




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