7 Onboarding Steps for InformaCast Fusion Mass Notification


Plan Your Mass Notification Implementation

Implementing new technology can be a daunting task for any organization. Time and staffing resources may be limited, so many organizations want an idea of how much effort is required for set up before they can begin using the tool they purchased. When it comes to a mass notification system, this becomes an even more important question, as organizations want to begin utilizing a tool that can help them enhance safety and communication. That’s why we’ve put together this blog post, outlining the seven steps you’ll need to take to get your InformaCast Fusion software up and running.


Step 1: Gather Information

It may be tempting to jump right into using the software, but there a few simple things users need to do first that will go a long way to making the onboarding process run smoothly. This first step includes having your contract number handy. The contract number will allow you to register for the Singlewire Support Community and can be obtained from your territory manager if you are unable to find it. The Support Community is going to be a critical resource as you begin your onboarding process. It has video tutorials, installation and troubleshooting guides, downloads and more that will help you as you begin to install and configure InformaCast Fusion. After this is completed you will be asked to complete a short pre-installation survey and select your identity provider.

Step 2: Plan Scenarios

Before you can begin using your InformaCast mass notification software, you need to know what you’re going to be using it for. Our scenario planning worksheet is available within the Singlewire Support Community. It will help you and other stakeholders identify events you need to prepare for, how messages will be delivered and who will receive them, and the content you will include in those messages. This is a critical step to complete before integrating any other technology with InformaCast. You’ll save time by having a plan in place that clearly identifies all of the devices and mass notification methods you want to utilize.

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Step 3: Install 

After completing steps one and two, you’ll be ready to install InformaCast Fusion. This step may require you to involve additional members of your team so you can review the prerequisites and prepare your environment. You’ll then need to download and deploy the virtual appliance and configure the Fusion server. Additional configuration and authentication will be required to set up your licenses, configure phone system and prepare other components. A full list of action items will be provided in the Singlewire Support Community as part of the Fusion onboarding process. 

Step 4: Add Devices

Once InformaCast Fusion is installed and configured, you can begin adding devices to help trigger and receive mass notifications. InformaCast Fusion will act as the central hub for your mass notification ecosystem, tying together your IP phones, IP speakers, desktop computers, digital signage, and more. This will help ensure you are leveraging every available channel to reach your people with critical safety information. Be sure to reference your scenario planning worksheet from Step 2 to prioritize registering the devices that will be most helpful for your mass notifications.

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Step 5: Add Users

Once devices have been added, it’s time to add users. Users can have mobile phone numbers and email addresses associated with them to help reach people when they are not at their desks or on-premises. The user loader feature for InformaCast Fusion will allow you to take data from your organization’s directory and perform a bulk upload to help save you time when setting up the system.

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Step 6: Create Messages

This is another area where completing Step 1 will help save you time. You can now reference the information and content you filled out in the Scenario Planning worksheet and simply copy and paste it into the appropriate fields in the InformaCast Fusion. Messages should clearly communicate what type of event is happening and what action the recipient should take once they receive the message.

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New InformaCast Fusion users will also have access to pre-built, industry-specific message templates they can customize to help get them set up with common emergency scenarios.

Step 7: Test

Before completing your deployment, we encourage all of our customers to conduct a thorough test of their system to ensure it is set up to their standards. The Singlewire Support Community has resources and documentation to assist with testing. These resources will help you keep track of what’s working and what adjustments you need to make before you roll out InformaCast to the rest of your organization.

Regular testing helps ensure your system is running at optimal performance and helps reduce the chance that someone misses an important message due to a message failing to deliver.

This is a brief overview of what is involved when setting up InformaCast Fusion. Additional steps may be needed depending on your environment and resources. Our Customer Success team is ready to help you get up and running to keep your people safe informed. Contact them today for more information




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