InformaCast Fusion and InformaCast Mobile Receive Update with Enhanced Features

Mass Notification Alert Software

New Capabilities, Greater Possibilities

Following the launch of InformaCast Fusion this April, Singlewire Software brings a major update to its emergency mass notification system to more effectively reach on-premises and mobile devices through a single interface. This update offers several improvements to the user experience, helping organizations enhance safety and protect their people.


Four new reporting features are available for InformaCast Fusion and InformaCast Mobile. Administrators will be able to pull reports to examine: users, anonymous users, those who have opted out of receiving notifications, and notification history. Report output is sortable and can be downloaded as .csv files. In addition, added download capabilities have been added to the Activities section of the Notification History report and the Load Request Details section of the User Loader.

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SMS Shared Codes

Mobile SMS text messages sent through InformaCast Fusion or InformaCast Mobile will now use shared toll free long codes. This performance enhancement means that the number of SMS text messages sent per second is 8x faster.

More Calls Per Second

Phone calls initiated through InformaCast Fusion or InformaCast Mobile will utilize a pool of calls per second to reach users. This drastically reduces the amount of time it takes to call large groups of people with emergency messages.

Customers will have one dedicated toll long code, allocated in or close to the area code in which they’re located, which will be used for:

  • Placing calls. All calls will appear to the recipient to be coming from this number.
  • Initiating conference calls or allowing people to join conference calls.
  • Allowing text registration for campaigns (e.g. “text #parents to 608.555.1234 to receive campus alerts while you’re here for Parent’s Weekend”)

Customer Configured Caller ID

With this update, administrators will be able to mask the number they use to initiate notification calls and conference calls. This new feature allows customers to update this information through the InformaCast Fusion of InformaCast Mobile web console.

Additional Updates

In addition to the enhancements listed above, Singlewire Software has also made improvements to the user interface for tracking events.

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