Track People That Need Assistance with Groundbreaking InformaCast Update


Know Where People Are During an Emergency

When an emergency situation occurs, the number one priority should be getting information into the hands of the people that need it to stay safe. However, there is a second critical step that not all emergency notification systems can fulfill: knowing if those people are safe or if they need assistance.


This has been a key component of InformaCast Mobile and Fusion for several years. Users know they can send messages with confirmation responses and see real-time updates to know who is safe and who needs assistance. Now, with the latest InformaCast update, system administrators can take that functionality even further. Messages with confirmation responses can now be configured to automatically track the location of any user that requests assistance. Once users say they need assistance, they are entered into a tracking event. This provides administrators with a map of the event, the confirmation response option that triggered the event, and the users associated with it. System administrators will receive real-time updates on where people are and view their movements to direct them to safe areas, or coordinate with responders to provide assistance.

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Automatically Alert People in the Area

Notifications can also be triggered based on the geographical location of users when they initiate tracking. For example, a message is sent with a confirmation response, and three users in a designated area say they need assistance and initiate tracking. They are entered into the tracking event, and a notification is automatically triggered to alert a security team in that area.

Users can only be tracked if they are using the InformaCast Mobile app on their Android/iOS devices and have granted the app access to their location services. Tracking accuracy depends on three factors: a device’s signal strength from either the Wi-Fi network or GPS radio, the app’s location (i.e. foreground or background), and battery strength.

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Additional Features

We’re always looking for ways to make InformaCast easier to use, so in addition to being able to track people in need of assistance, we’ve added three additional features to InformaCast Mobile and Fusion.

Record Message Template Audio from a Web Browser. When configuring a message template from the Administration Console, users can record audio through their web browser (web browser must support recording and must be allowed access to a computers microphone). Audio recorded through a web browser is limited to 300 seconds.

Configurable Web Session Timeouts. Users can now configure the window of time in which an inactive individual user (i.e. not accessing any commands) can remain logged into the InformaCast Mobile Administration Console before being logged out. By default, an individual user's web session times out after 30 minutes of inactivity. If the access point to InformaCast Mobile is in a highly trafficked area or has the potential for multiple users, it may be beneficial to tighten individual users' session timeouts to prevent unauthorized users from overtaking legitimate sessions.

Additional Supported Audio Formats for Message Templates. InformaCast Mobile now supports various audio file formats rather than only mono, 8-bit, 8KHz, µLaw format WAV files. Upon a successful save of a message template, InformaCast Mobile will convert an uploaded audio file into a mono, 8-bit, 8KHz, µLaw format WAV file. While the supported audio file formats may change over time, successfully uploaded and converted audio files will not become unusable regardless of the support for their original format.

Discover these and other great features for InformaCast Mobile and InformaCast Fusion to see how emergency notification systems that reach people on mobile devices can help enhance safety and communication in your organization.

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