Singlewire and InformaCast Offer More Than Paging


More than Paging

It’s a common refrain we hear from people when attending trade shows.

“Oh, right, you’re the paging guys.”

And when we first launched InformaCast 15 years ago, this was true. The main function of our software was to enable Cisco IP phones to simultaneously page an entire building’s network of desk phones. This was driven by a need from a government entity following the events of 9/11 that had no way to broadcast a message to everyone in the organization at the same time.

From the beginning, InformaCast has been built with safety in mind, and for 15 years we’ve continued to develop our InformaCast software to provide organizations with a powerful tool that helps spread information and keeps people out of harm’s way. In this blog post, we’ll outline how InformaCast’s capabilities have grown to help organizations prepare and manage any crisis situation it may face.

Expanded Message Types and Devices

Live audio paging is helpful in situations where the word needs to spread quickly, but it doesn’t offer the full range of message types most organizations need to reach all of their people. When an emergency occurs, speed and reach are the two most important factors for getting a message out. If an organization only uses one channel for communication, it’s unlikely they’ll reach 100 percent of their people.

For more than a decade, Singlewire Software has been making improvements to InformaCast to move beyond audio paging to address the needs of our customers. That means finding new ways to deliver critical information. InformaCast now includes the paging capabilities it’s known for, but also so much more. Messages can be sent as live and recorded audio, phone calls, SMS text messages, push notifications, desktop pop-ups, and even social media posts.

To deliver these message types, we’ve also expanded the types of the devices that InformaCast can reach. Cisco phones are still a primary means of delivery, but InformaCast can connect with mobile devices, computer desktops, IP speakers, digital signage, panic buttons, contact closures, and more. Leveraging different devices and message types help organizations reach closer to 100 percent of their people.

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Every Industry and Situation

This expansion of capabilities comes from working with customers in almost every industry. While InformaCast was originally developed for use in government buildings, we now serve thousands of organizations around the world, including manufacturing facilities, K12 and higher education campuses, business offices, healthcare buildings and retail stores. Despite the differences in these industries, they all have one thing in common: a desire to keep their people safe.

With each group we work with, we discover new ways to help organizations achieve this goal. This has enhanced the features of InformaCast and has led to the development of our three service levels offerings.

  • InformaCast Advanced helps organizations looking to reach on-premises devices. This includes Cisco IP phones for paging but also includes connecting to many of the device types listed above and having flexible messaging options to make sure everyone is aware of an emergency situation.
  • InformaCast Mobile reaches users on their mobile phones via SMS text messages, push notifications to the InformaCast Mobile app, phone calls and e-mails. This is particularly useful for large organizations or those organizations where people work remote. It also helps ensure people receive a message by delivering it on a device they will likely have near them and are familiar using.
  • InformaCast Fusion combines the best of both worlds, giving users the most options for device connectivity and messaging by being able to support on-premises and mobile from a single interface.

These solutions are implemented in organizations across the world that need a flexible tool when it comes to mass notification. By listening to our customers and incorporating their input over the years, InformaCast has evolved into a unique position in the market, reaching both on-premises and mobile users in ways that create a much more effective emergency mass notification experience.




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