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Whether you’re selecting a new mass notification system, or already have one in place, you may think you know our InformaCast solution. But in talking with partners, prospects and even current customers, we’ve come to understand that there are a few misconceptions about what all InformaCast has to offer. A mass notification system is a critical safety tool, so it’s important to have all the facts when implementing one to ensure you’re getting the right tool for your organization, and are taking full advantage of all the features available.

In this blog post, we’ll dispel five myths about InformaCast to help you make an informed decision when selecting a mass notification solution.

Myth 1: InformaCast Only Does Paging

While InformaCast started as a mass paging solution, over the course of ten years it has evolved into a full-fledged mass notification system that helps organizations keep their people safe and informed. Paging is still well within the capabilities of our software, but it is one component included in a larger suite of features now offered to our customers.

In addition to live audio paging, InformaCast can send recorded audio, SMS text messages, emails, desktop and push notifications and other message types. Organizations are no longer restricted to their desk phones and overhead paging systems to deliver messages either. IP speakers, digital signage, mobile devices, desktop computers and more can all receive messages delivered through InformaCast.

The wide variety of message formats and devices provides better speed and reach than using live audio paging alone. This means organizations are much more likely to reach 100 percent of their population with an emergency message.

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Myth 2: InformaCast Only Works with Cisco Phones

Singlewire Software started as, and continues to be, a proud partner of Cisco, but having Cisco phones is no longer a requirement to use InformaCast. Our goal has always been to give organizations the tools they need to reach all of their people. Beginning in the fall of 2018, we expanded the compatibility of InformaCast Fusion to integrate with non-Cisco phone systems. Through multicast streaming, you can now send a notification’s audio to any device capable of listening for, then playing, audio sent over a multicast IP address and port. This gives organizations more options for leveraging a powerful mass notification system that reaches all of their on-premises and mobile devices without needing to invest in a new phone system.

Myth 3: InformaCast Is Only for Emergencies

We like to tout the safety benefits organizations can take advantage of by using our software, but we also want our customers to get the most out of their investment. That’s why InformaCast offers other features that can be used on a daily basis. One of the most common daily uses we see is scheduling school bells. K12 schools and districts are able to integrate InformaCast with school bell systems and speakers to preprogram schools bells for an entire year with custom tones. However, this function is not exclusive to school bells, and can be utilized in any organization that would benefit from scheduled, prerecorded messages. For example, announcing the end of visiting hours in a hospital or a shift change at a manufacturing plant.

We’re also seeing more and more organizations using InformaCast to tie into the internet of things (IoT). As our ecosystem of device integrations continues to grow, organizations are able to link InformaCast to trigger notifications for events outside the typical emergency situation scope. Ammonia sensors, earthquake and threat detectors, and other monitoring systems can all be connected with InformaCast to trigger a broadcast if something goes wrong. If something does go wrong, like a cybersecurity attack that takes down your network, organizations can still leverage InformaCast Fusion notification since it is a cloud-based solution.

Finding daily uses for InformaCast also has the added benefit of acting as a test to ensure your set up is working as intended. That way, you can have the confidence knowing InformaCast will reach everyone and every device when it matters most.

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Myth 4: InformaCast is Too Expensive

Admittedly, we may be a little biased on this one, but we believe we offer a product with tremendous value for a reasonable price. It can be easy to succumb to sticker shock when comparing different solutions, but it’s important to look at the big picture when considering investing in a mass notification solution like InformaCast. For one, InformaCast offers a wide range of integrations, which means you don’t need to buy as much new equipment and you can get more value out of devices and systems you already own. Secondly, InformaCast can help organizations fulfill the duty of care they owe to their constituents and visitors by providing a safe environment. This minimizes the expense an organization may expose themselves to if an emergency were to occur and they had no notification solution in place.

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Myth 5: Deploying InformaCast Takes Too Much Effort

Anytime you deploy new technology, there is going to be an effort required by the organization where the technology is being implemented. The difference is how the vendor you work with helps minimize that effort. At Singlewire, we have resources that make it easier than ever to implement our InformaCast emergency notification software. Customers have access to our Singlewire Support Community which offers user guides, downloads, and video tutorials to walk users through ever part of the setup process. They also get access to our support team who can quickly help them resolve any issue they may encounter while using InformaCast.

We also offer new services from our customer success team for organizations that need a more hands-on approach during implementation. Our team works directly with yours to create users, distribution lists, and messages, as well as configure features that address your most pressing needs.

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Protecting your people should be a top priority, and with help from InformaCast, you can have the means to keep everyone safe and informed during an emergency. Watch our online demo or contact us to get the facts about what InformaCast can do to enhance safety and communication in your organization.




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