InformaCast Fusion Update Expands Mass Notification Reach to Non-Cisco Phones


Broadcast to Non-Cisco Phones

For years, we’ve had organizations come to us asking if they can use our InformaCast software if they don’t have Cisco IP phones. While we offered organizations several methods for sending mass notifications without Cisco phones, that desire to send live and recorded audio still remains. Today, Singlewire Software is releasing a new update for InformaCast Fusion that will expand its audio broadcasting capabilities beyond Cisco phones for the first time.

In this blog post, we’ll outline the new features available in this InformaCast Fusion update.

New Features

New features for InformaCast Fusion released in this update include:

  • Send Notification Audio to Phones Not Managed by Unified Communications Manager. In previous versions of InformaCast Fusion, the only types of IP phone supported were Cisco IP phones in a Unified Communications Manager environment. Through multicast streaming, you can now send a notification’s audio to any device (e.g. Polycom, Yealink, etc.) capable of listening for, then playing, audio sent over a multicast IP address and port.
  • New Collaboration Group: Outbound RSS. InformaCast Mobile/Fusion now supports outbound RSS as a collaboration group, which allows you to post the contents of a message template’s Subject and Body fields into an RSS feed from which RSS-consuming endpoints, e.g. digital signs or other RSS readers, can poll.

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Expanding Mass Notification Reach

These updates will help organizations expand the reach of their mass notifications and remove previous limitations. When an emergency occurs, the speed and reach of a mass notification can mean the difference between safety and harm. Being able to connect with desk phones is a critical component of any notification strategy as it offers intrusive audio to get people’s attention. This goal is now easier for organizations to achieve as they do not need Cisco phones to connect with InformaCast.




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