New Paging Gateway Software Available for InformaCast Advanced


New Paging Gateway Software Available

Singlewire Software has released new paging gateway software for InformaCast Advanced customers. Paging Gateway 2.x is the all-new, rebuilt software version of the Paging Gateway that is currently compatible with the IPTA-PG-APL and IPTA-PG-APL2 models of Singlewire’s Paging Gateway hardware. This new software offers expanded and simplified administration, much of which can be conducted directly within the InformaCast interface. The installation and management of Paging Gateways has become more intuitive and helpful: Paging Gateways automatically register with InformaCast over DHCP, health status is readily available, and prompts for resolving any issues display prominently. This means potential problems can be identified and resolved quickly.

The new software also offers more intuitive broadcast abilities. If your Paging Gateway administrator has successfully deployed Paging Gateways on the same IPv4 subnet as your remote recipients, i.e. IP phones and/or speakers on a Local Area Network (LAN) where no multicast network connectivity exists, sending a broadcast to them will cause a Paging Gateway to relay the broadcast's audio. These enhancements provide more benefits to existing customers and position the Paging Gateway to continue to be a critical tool for the future.

Leverage Intrusive Audio Anywhere

Intrusive audio is an effective way for organizations to get people’s attention during a crisis, but to do this with InformaCast requires having multicast deployed on an organization’s wide area network (WAN). For organizations that do not support multicast over WAN between sites, they cannot take advantage of this feature. However, the Paging Gateway helps customers overcome the obstacle of deploying multicast (which is required to run InformaCast) across their wide area network (WAN). When an InformaCast broadcast is sent to phones at remote sites, the paging gateway converts the unicast broadcast to multicast to deliver the message. This allows organizations to take advantage of InformaCast’s powerful ability to deliver live and recorded audio broadcasts to large numbers of desk phones simultaneously, without being a burden on their phone system.

For more information on the Paging Gateway, including details about hardware appliances and further insights about the new software, visit the Singlewire Support Community.




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