InformaCast Panic Button Market Guide for Mass Notification


Integrate InformaCast-compatible Panic Buttons

When it comes to mass notification, panic buttons offer a quick and easy way to trigger alerts that can get sent to a wide variety of devices and systems. We’ve covered how different kinds of panic buttons can be configured and utilized with InformaCast in the past, but we also frequently get asked for recommendations when it comes to physical panic buttons.

Learn more about the five types of panic buttons

InformaCast has several compatible panic buttons that can be integrated and leveraged for mass notification from our ecosystem partners. We’ve compiled a panic button market guide to help you better understand the different benefits of each of these solutions. The information included in this guide is taken directly from the details listed on our partners’ websites. Each device is linked back to that partner’s website. Pricing information is included when available. For pricing information on devices that do not have it included, please reach out to the partner directly. All devices listed below are InformaCast-compatible to trigger alerts that reach your wider mass notification ecosystem.


Advanced Network Devices

IPBTN Smart IP Button


This PoE Smart IP Button connects directly to the network as an endpoint to dial an extension or trigger an alert with the push of a button. It allows users to silently activate a notification that also triggers other devices, such as a strobe. The IPBTN easily mounts under a table, a desk, or any discrete location.

Dimensions: 4.25”w x 1”h x 2.25” d.

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VOIP Outdoor Intercom Station (IPS-VOI)


The AtlasIED IPS-VOI indoor/outdoor VoIP intercom station is vandal-proof, weather-resistant and features a call-in button that leverages the VoIP communication solution to provide signaling and talkback in environments that are susceptible to damage from abuse, moisture, corrosion, dust, vibration, and extreme temperature. AtlasIED IPS-VOI registers as a communication endpoint directly to a SIP-based Communications System to provide signaling and talkback while leveraging the WAN/LAN Network Architecture.

Price: $1,085.99



011049 SIP Call Button


The SIP Call Button is a reliable solution for a one-touch programmable call to an IP phone or page announcement. It can be mounted under a desk, on a wall, or in a discrete location. During an event, the button is pressed and automatically makes a call to a pre-set phone or extension number. When the call is answered, the Call Button plays and repeats a stored audio file. This stored audio file is uploaded by the administrator to meet the needs of the installed location.

In an InformaCast environment, the SIP call button registers to the Cisco Call Manager as a third party SIP endpoint. When the Call Button is pressed it makes a call to the Cisco Call Manager, and InformaCast detects that call to initiate an event.

Price: $432



i12 SIP Audio Intercom


The i12 SIP Audio Intercom is available with either one or dual buttons for alerting. It supports two output short circuits for video surveillance and alarm light, and two input short circuits for a door phone button and an emergency button. It also supports a REC out connect port and can connect with the audio input port of camera or digital recording equipment to realize 24-hour monitoring. The button can connect with an active speaker or loudspeaker to broadcast emergency messages or music. It’s water-proof, dust-proof, and features a striking-proof design to help avoid malicious damage.

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Wireless Panic Button EN420R


The Inovonics four-zone add-on receiver with relay outputs programs and supervises up to four Inovonics transmitters. This receiver includes five Form C relays, allowing connection to any hardwire panel, or stand-alone wireless application, four of which can be used for alarm and one for fault. Outputs can be configured in follower, latching, momentary, or toggle modes independently. LED lights display the current status of all four transmitters, and a wireless programming routine is built into the receiver. The case features tamper protection, jam detection, and internal antennas for secure wireless implementation.

Price: How to buy



ACT-ONE EAS Controller


The ACT-ONE EAS features the ability to activate instantly lockdown doors, turn off lights, integrate with earth sense earthquake alert. It has a built-in web server, optional API integration, and built-in system test.

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VOIP-500 Single Button Native VoIP Emergency Phone

VOIP-600eck Single Button Emergency IP Call Station


The VOIP-500 features Intelligible audio paging, silent monitoring, and advanced self-diagnostic and reporting features. Configuration and firmware upgrades are available through the Web GUI, and it supports standard SIP protocol. The VOIP-500 series is outdoor-rated and has ADA-compliant hands-free Voice over IP (VoIP) Call Stations.

VOIP-600 Series IP call stations feature a clean and simple interface with backlit call progress signage for the hearing impaired. The units are constructed of a 316 marine grade stainless steel and are IP66 rated for harsh environments.

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Wahsega Labs

IP Panic Button


This is a stand-alone SIP Panic Button designed and manufactured in the USA. It offers a low profile which can be discretely placed under a desk or other secure location. Users can place an emergency SIP call to a preconfigured phone number, and the answering party can listen in to assess the situation. The IP Panic Button has an integrated microphone for high-quality SIP audio and an on-board relay, which can trigger security devices like cameras or door locks.

Advanced button press technology allows the unit to call one number with a short button press and another number with a long button press. Setup is quick and easy with simple configuration webpages. Each unit is powered via PoE, using one cable for communication and power.

LED feedback lets installers know when their system is up and running. Auto-configuration solutions are available in the firmware for fast and efficient system initialization and maintenance.

Price: $199

Visit our ecosystem partner page for panic button vendors for more information about how these devices integrate with InformaCast and can be leveraged for mass notification.




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