One Tool to Schedule School Bells for the Entire Year


An Easy-to-Use Solution

For K12 administrators, scheduling school bells can be a hassle. Systems are either outdated or are not flexible enough to meet a school’s needs. Take this to the district level, and the complications only compound. Schools and districts need a tool that is easy to use and lets them set the school bell schedule once, without needing to go back in and make constant adjustments.

While we often tout our InformaCast software for its emergency notification capabilities, it’s also a robust mass communication tool. It can connect to a school’s existing overhead paging system, playing a wide variety of audio tones, bells or music over the speakers. With a simple browser-based interface, an administrator can easily schedule school bells for an entire school year. This offers cost savings benefits, and enhanced flexibility should regular bell schedules need to change for special circumstances. For example, in areas that frequently experience severe weather, a two hour late start to the school day is common. With a click of the mouse in the InformaCast administrative console, a bell schedule with shortened class periods can be put in effect. It also brings a school’s communication systems under one roof, eliminating the need to log in and out of different tools.

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Proven in Practice

One school district in Wisconsin is using this functionality to manage the bells of three different schools that all reside in the same building. Necedah Area School District needed a better way to reach students and staff, but was facing issues with its outdated analog paging system. Using Advanced Network Devices, the district installed IP speakers throughout the building to provide clear audio and scrolling announcements. With the help of InformaCast, the district has been able to drastically improve how it schedules bells, configure zones and send messages.

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More than Just School Bells

Schools and districts using InformaCast for bells can also use it for so much more. InformaCast is a powerful emergency notification system that can connect with systems and devices schools already have in place such as desk phones, mobile phones, IP speakers, digital signage and computer desktops. It can help initiate lockdowns in the event of an intruder, evacuations in case of a fire, and alert officials when 911 is called in a school building. InformaCast helps schools and districts achieve the speed and reach they need to ensure everyone receives critical safety information.

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