InformaCast Mass Notification Eligible for School Violence Protection Program Funding


School Violence Protection Program Funding

As safety continues to be a pressing priority for K12 schools in the United States, cost continues to be a concern as school leaders try to find money that will fund projects and technology that enhances school safety. The federal government has launched the School Violence Prevention Program (SVPP), a competitive grant program providing funding to improve security at K12 schools and on school grounds. Up to $50 million is available through this program, with individual awards up to $500,000. All states, units of local government, Indian tribes, and public agencies (police departments, sheriff’s departments, school districts, etc.) are eligible to apply. Applications must be submitted by April 8, 2020.

Examples of eligible equipment/technology include, but are not limited to:

  • Video surveillance technology (e.g., surveillance cameras and accompanying equipment)
  • Communication technology (e.g., emergency call boxes, intercom or PA systems, panic, and immediate alarm notification systems)
  • Emergency alerts (e.g., automated text messages or emails)

This means schools can fund implementations of InformaCast mass notification software through this grant. In this blog post, we’ll go over how K12 schools can deploy InformaCast to enhance safety and communication.

Mass Notification for K12 Schools

Deploying a mass notification system in a K12 school can give school leaders the ability to easily share alerts for a variety of events that impact school safety. InformaCast from Singlewire Software has the ability to connect with devices many schools already have in place, including desktop computers, IP speakers and phones, overhead paging systems, digital signage, mobile devices and more. These alerts can be easily triggered using physical or virtual panic buttons, speed dials, keyboard shortcuts, a mobile app, and monitored email addresses, CAP feeds and RSS feeds. With a variety of manual and automatic triggers, school leaders can quickly get the word out throughout their school or district.

Build your mass notification ecosystem

InformaCast offers a wide range of customization options for messages so schools can prepare for any emergency that may disrupt daily operations. Active shooter alerts, lockdowns, intruder notices, severe weather warnings, fire drills, medical events and more can all be preconfigured with appropriate text and audio instructions and associated with the right group of people who can best respond to an emergency. This makes InformaCast an ideal communication tool for schools that are looking to improve the speed and reach of their emergency messages.

Incident Management and More

InformaCast can also be used to gather key school leaders who can help manage a situation. When a notification is triggered it can automatically invite stakeholders into a conference call to begin assessing and responding to an emergency. Similar functionality can be accomplished with integrations into Microsoft Teams and Cisco Webex Teams. When a notification is triggered, it can gather key personnel in a Microsoft Teams channel or Cisco Webex Teams space to manage a crisis. This can help schools deploy a quicker response than using manual calling trees. The quicker assistance can be sent out, the more likely it is that people stay out of harm’s way.

To get even more value out of InformaCast K12 schools can also use it in non-emergency situations, leveraging it to handle daily bell schedules. These are just some of the benefits K12 schools can get when deploying InformaCast. More information on how to apply for School Violence Protection Program funding can be found here.




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