Which InformaCast level is right for you?


Finding the Best Solution for Your Organization

An emergency notification system is a significant investment for any organization, so it’s important that the solution you choose does everything you need. Our InformaCast emergency notification software is available at four different service levels: Basic, Advanced, Mobile and Fusion. While InformaCast offers a variety of service levels that are used in different industries and companies both large and small, it is still important for organizations to assess what option is right for them.

In this blog post we’ll discuss the capabilities of each service level and pose several questions that will help organizations determine what InformaCast solution will best serve them in their safety and emergency notification needs.

Does your organization have Cisco IP phones?

This is an important question to start with, because as a Cisco Technology Developer Partner, our InformaCast software comes pre-built into Cisco IP phones. With Cisco phones, organizations have automatic access to InformaCast Basic, which can be used for live paging for up to 50 phones. Having Cisco phones is also the best foundation for using InformaCast Advanced and InformaCast Fusion.

If your organization doesn’t have Cisco IP phones, don’t worry. Non-Cisco phones can still be used for mass notification purposes with InformaCast. We’ve detailed the full differences between using InformaCast with Cisco vs. non-Cisco phones in a recent blog post, and you can check out a brief explainer in our FAQs.

Do you need to reach large groups of people simultaneously?

Now that we’ve discussed basic technical requirements, it’s time to look at the needs of your organization. We live in uncertain times, and it’s important for organizations to fulfill their Duty of Care by preparing for any type of situation they may encounter. The needs of your organization will vary depending on its size and industry, but there are a few foundational questions to consider that apply to any group.

When an emergency occurs, how are you communicating with your people? Each InformaCast service level offers different ways to send mass notifications to large groups of people. For larger organizations with other communication technologies, InformaCast Advanced expands the capabilities of InformaCast Basic to reach all on-premises devices with live and recorded audio messages. It can send to IP speakers, digital signage, desktop computers and more to fully leverage existing technology by turning each piece into a powerful emergency notification tool.

If your organization consists of people who are frequently outside of your facilities, or your facilities are spread across a wide area, being able to reach people on their mobile devices is critical. InformaCast Mobile features a mobile app and web console to administer and send mass notifications. Notifications can be sent as emails, SMS text messages and push notifications directly to mobile devices. Mobile notifications can also ask for a confirmation response to know who needs assistance during a crisis, and the mobile tracking feature can pinpoint the location of those asking for help.

However, if your organization wants to offer complete speed and reach to ensure that every device is being utilized to share critical information in the event of an emergency, InformaCast Fusion is the best solution. In one interface you can manage multiple message templates and groups and connect with both on-premises and mobile devices. It offers all the capabilities of InformaCast Advanced and InformaCast Mobile in a single package, and minimizes the need to log into different systems to send messages. It also offers automatic updates, so your organization will always be using the latest features.

When an emergency occurs, it is vital that information that keeps people safe spreads as quickly as possible. Using InformaCast Fusion offers the best option for tying all systems together and achieving maximum reach for your messages.

Will this be a capital or operation expense?

Beyond the capabilities of each of the service levels, there is also a difference on how each is sold. Depending on your organization, this kind of investment may need to be a capital expense or an operational expense. This will impact what level is right for you. As an operational expense, InformaCast Advanced, Mobile and Fusion are sold as subscription-based licenses. However, for a capital expense, Advanced is the only option that is sold as a perpetual license.

Need to know more?

This blog post provides an overview of each InformaCast service level and how they might help your organization deliver emergency mass notifications. More details on each can be found on our service level page. For additional questions or to set up a demo with our team, speak with someone using our LiveChat on this website, or contact [email protected].




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