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Threats can come from anywhere at anytime, and one of the greatest threats an organization can face is an active shooter. This kind of scenario presents a clear danger for anyone, and organizations need to have plans, resources and training in place to deal with these kind of situations to mitigate risks. However, it can be difficult to find trusted resources that will aid your organization in a time of crisis.

The Department of Homeland Security website offers tools for human resources and security professionals to aide in active shooter preparation. These free resources include webinars, workshops and an independent study course to provide guidance on how to respond to an active shooter situation. Booklets, pamphlets and posters are also available to download.

Visitors to the resource page will also have the opportunity to utilize additional resources from the FBI, determine a business continuity plan, and work on identifying signs that may signal someone is intent on committing violent acts. The department also offers online resources for private citizens and first responders.

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Use Mass Notification Solutions

Beyond the resources and training provided by the Department of Homeland Security, consider using InformaCast from Singlewire Software for mass notification. When an active shooter enters your building or campus, every second matters. Having a system in place that can reach every device in your organization in a variety of formats, increases the likelihood everyone receives an emergency notification quickly.

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InformaCast can tie into devices throughout an organization including IP phones, overhead speakers, computer desktops, digital signage, mobile phones and more. Messages can be prebuilt to include information and instructions for specific situations, including active shooter. Telling people to take actions like locking doors, turning off lights, and sheltering in place can help minimize risk during these kind of events. Building multiple versions of a message also gives users the flexibility to quickly send the message that is the best fit for the situation.

With three service levels that cater to a variety of different needs, InformaCast and resources from the Department of Homeland Security can help prepare your organization for active shooter scenarios.

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